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Mission Statement

Vigilant WAtch, Inc. is a volunteer run not for profit 501(c)(3) that is a 911 for the seven local cities of Hampton Roads VA, being the one they call when they need help for themselves or their families when in need. Whle we have 911 to call and they come to help us there are certain times and needs when they do not have a 911 so we set out to do that job for them.


We are a 911 to call when we need help and these 1st Responder answer our call. But, when they or their families have certain needs, they have no 911 they can call until Vigilant Watch was started by several fire fighters in Virginia Beach, VA.

They were helping one of their own, a fire fighter who had become disabled and needed a ride to the doctor or hospital and had no one else to call, other than his fellow fire fighters, who came to his aid. Then they built him a handicap ramp to het inside his home in a wheelchair, and when done it would not fit through the door so they had to enlarge the door also. But they got it done and he was able to get in.

Later there were other fire fighters who needed help, then a Chesapeake Police Officer needed help and one of his friends remembered hearing abou the fire guys and what they did for one of their own and he asked them for hekp for his officer. soon others began to ask and it was clear that just vol;unteering was not enough.

This is how Vigilant WAtch, Inc. was started and is now a not for profit 501(c)(3) and you can see the entire story on www.vigilantwatchinc.org so take a look at our video and consider what you might be willling to do to help us serve & meet needs.

We seek volunteers to do labor, like building a home handicap ramp, taking fire fighters, police officers, Deptuty Sheriff, EMS and even State Troopers to the doctor or hospital when they have to go but can't drive and don't have a ride.

We also need funds to helkp us meet some of the needs we are asked.



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