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Mission Statement

Aqaba, an ancient city, has been an inhabited settlement since 1500 BC profiting from its strategic location at the junction of trading routes between Asia, Europe and Africa.Also is the largest city on the Gulf of Aqabaand the only coastal city. And this is famous for its warm water and rich marine life. You will fall in love with Aqaba since you got here.

We would like to invite you to Aqaba and share the terrific landscaping with us
Aqaba Heritage museum wants to show you the best but it needs your help!

Looking for a chance to explore a new culture? To have a break in your life? To be inspired? Come!
We welcome everyone, especially you are:
1. Computer engineers/ website designers
Helping us to make all information clearly and easily for tourists
Helping us to build up a Website for offering news to tourists smoothly.
2. Art designers
Helping us to decorate the Aqaba Heritage Museum.
3. Painters/ artists
Painting on walls, on ceilings or on the ground in 3D
Making or decorating plastic models, e.g., man/woman models, animal models, equipment models...etc
4. Translators
Written words into English, French, Spanish, German, Russian...etc
5 Sound engineers

We are looking for volunteers
If you are here,
We offer the accommodation and 3 meals.
If you are not here,
You will receive some delicate presents with your name on from Aqaba.

If you have any questions, just ask don’t hastate.
We are looking forward to your any questions, and can’t wait to meet you.

Warm Regards,


Aqaba heritage museum

AqabaHeritageMuseumis one of the most beautiful public utilities and the most sights in the city that makes tourist attractions . Where it displays the story , the history and heritage of Aqaba city it reflects the popular life of the city since the beginning of the last century.

The museum is located at the middle coast of the fishermen port , in the center of the most beautiful and important sites for tourism , heritage and archaeology in Aqaba city Such as the Aqaba Castle of Mamluk , the house of Sharif Hussein bin Ali, the yard of the Great Arab Revolution, the fishermen's port , Aqaba Dock Port , the palm gardens, and longest flagpole in the world.

The museum consists of the following sections:

Old Market

Represents a side of Aqaba old district and it consists of interface of a mud-brick houses and a grocery heritage (Shop) includes many of the holdings and the goods that were sold in the past in Aqaba

Traditionalcourtyardhouse(the yard)

Its includes many of the Ethnographic things such as (Alkowarah ) granary, and (al sawmaah ) chicken house, and the old clay oven, and (al saj )piece of tin heating it and baking bread on it , and (Rahaah) wheat mill hand, and (Saan) bottle of water made of goat or sheep leather


It is a model for an old house style with the real size composed of two mud rooms and a traditional roof made of palm fronds and trunks, and doors and windows, old-style inaddition to a gravel floor, also it contains all the household items that reflect the traditional life of the popular people in the old town of Aqaba.


Contains a mural picture (Panorama) for the Museum Marine interface includes a model of an old sailboat and a number of different types of old boats and all of the old traditional fishing tools, and types of coral and tools for shipbuilding industry

Historical Pictures Hall

Its contain hundred of old and seldom pictures for Aqaba old city represented its history and its main sites and actions that happened in the past ,also it shows side of the local popular heritage of the city

Castle Hall

It’s a hall including many of a heritage stuff such as a form of Egyptian Pilgrimage Bearing, Traditional Uniforms , and Musical Instruments, Traditional Folk, and Household Items and Conventional Weapons

Bedouin Home

It’s a tent made of goat hair contains all the Bedouin heritage items in Aqaba

Aqaba Panorama

Its mural pictures tells stories about history and heritage from the oldAqaba City



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