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Mission Statement

In Utah, over 40,000 households live below the poverty level. Single moms make up almost half that number. (Source: 2000 US Census). People Helping People helps families break the cycle of poverty for their children by teaching low-income women how to earn a living wage. Each single mom we help transition from welfare to adequate income saves our community between $5,000 and $20,000 annually.


Why Support PHP?

We are all familiar with the term "it takes a village," the famous quote on raising a child. As a community it is our responsibility to be part of this village. People Helping People realizes the most influential people in a child's life are their parents. The clients we serve are the mothers in these families, single moms struggling to provide and hold their heads above financial water and to raise successful children. Through our employment program our clients learn how to succeed both in the workplace and in life. With this knowledge they are empowered to become the strength in the village surrounding their child.

When one of our clients receiving public assistance gets a job, she simultaneously starts to lose assistance dollars. We teach her how to perform well in her job and receive pay raises, and yet each time she obtains a raise, she loses more assistance money. We call this the "no-gain" period, and it can last for months and in many cases, years. Our long-term, one-on-one approach helps nurture women through this challenging time. When most would much rather give up on becoming self-sufficient, we help them see the light at the end of the tunnel.

People Helping People is an employment program that helps low-income single mothers and women learn to build financial self-sufficiency by providing life skills and employment workshops and, one-on-one coaching and mentoring.



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