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Mission Statement

WYPO is a non political, non governmental, but offers social services to the youths across the globe. Such a service as conflict resolution can put things that are in disorder back in their natural and God-given order. That peace touches on all relationships and the manner the relationships exists. Peace exists only where there is justice. "Peace is not something you wish for, it is something you make, something you are, something you give away" (Mother Theresa). WYPO is committed to absolute development. We know that It is by our faith that we can make peace a reality, for faith without action is dead. War is not the primary solution for resolving conflicts, but rather a tool for violence.


AIMS AND OBJECTIVES OF THE WYPO: To preserve global peace, human dignity and security for all citizens. To tackle all issues of conflict resolution on our troubled nations. To join hands as one big happy family in sharing our sense of love and recognition of one another as brothers and sisters. To raise funds for humanitarian aids, such as reconstruction, rehabilitation and feeding of victims of wars and tribal conflicts. To prevent further abuses and atrocities committed on our youths, such as torture, massacre, rape, child slavery, child trafficking, recruitment of youths as child soldiers and suicide bombers. To ensure full protection of our youths for they are breadwinners and leaders of tomorrow. They are not to be used as poodles to cause violence or instability in the world in the best interest of some selfish and devilish individuals. To secure the rights and respect of every individual regardless of your color, race, or agenda. To establish formal growth and development for the youths in order for them to mature physically, mentally, spiritually and not under hardship or oppression. To reinforce efforts collectively by the global body to work with the world leaders for achieving peace.



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