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Mission Statement

The mission of The Blind Cafe:

Our mission is to firmly establish The Blind Café as a financially sustainable, socially conscious international philanthopy-based business that seeks to create positive social change in the lives of everyone involved in the creation and implementation of the blind cafe events. We do this by focusing on how the volunteers, the guests, the hired sighted and blind staff, can be empowered to grow in their individual lives by coming together to create something greater than themselves.

The Blind Cafe implements this in the following ways:

1) By offering a 'community social/culinary tasting experience' in the pitch dark where the guests have to work together to get their food and rely on the blind waitstaff to navigate their way.

2) By offering a very organic and heart felt 'Question and Answer forum' for the blind and sighted community to have a discussion about blindness while in the dark.

3) Offering group listening experience where the audience comes together as a group to learn to listen again...to a live music performance without their visual conditioning, social etiquette and their cells phones.

The Blind Café is a fiscally sponsored project under the 501(c)3of the non-profit Boulder County Art Alliance and strives to be a financially sustainable, socially conscious, international philanthropy-based organization that inspires people to 'see' beyond their sight.


Who are the organizers: We are a group of inspired artists, musicians & entrepreneurs, sighted and blind, working together to strengthen community and create positive social change via the Arts & Business.

Rosh (Brian Rocheleau):Executive Director (Songwriter, Producer & Performer)
Allegra Michael: (Vocalist and Violinist)
Gerry Leary: Blind Cafe Keynote Speaker (Blind Coffee Roaster The Unseen Bean)
Phil Norman: Master of Darkness, Music Director & Operations Manager
Rick Hammond: Blind Keynote Speaker, Spoken Word Artist & Blind Server
Richie Flores: Blind Keynote Speaker, Blind Server & President of National Federation of the Blind in Austin, TX.


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