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Mission Statement

The mission of Northwood University is to develop the future leaders of a global, free-enterprise society.


Core Values Statement

We believe in:

  • the advantages of an entrepreneurial, free-enterprise society.
  • individual freedom and individual responsibility.
  • functioning from a foundation of ethics and integrity.
  • promoting and leveraging the global, diverse and multi-cultural nature of enterprise.

Core Purpose Statement

The core purpose is to develop leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs with the skills and character to drive personal, organizational and societal success.

Code of Ethics

The community of students, faculty, and staff of Northwood University affirms this code of ethics as the behaviors that advance our shared values.

Integrity: In all our actions, we shall be guided by a code of behavior which reflects our values, unimpeded by circumstance, personal gain, public pressure or private temptation.
Respect: We will treat all others with consideration for their circumstances and with thoughtful regard for their value as human beings.
Honesty: We will embrace truthfulness, fairness, probity and demand the absence of fraud or deceit in ourselves and others with whom we act.
Responsibility: We will be accountable for the care and welfare of others and responsible for the intended and unintended consequences of our actions.
Freedom: We will exercise personal freedom while insuring others be immune from arbitrary interference on account of condition or circumstance, insuring that freedom will be constrained only by our responsibility for its consequences.
Empathy: We will endeavor to understand the feelings, thoughts and notions of others in order that compassion and fairness of our actions may result.
Spirituality: We will seek the spiritual development necessary for our happiness and growth and encourage an environment that supports this growth for all.
Achievement: We will exercise our skills to create high achievement and applaud the high achievement of others.


Our graduates:

  1. Understand the tradition of freedom.
  2. Have a broad practical understanding of their chosen field.
  3. Are familiar with the ideas driving enterprise leaders.
  4. Communicate effectively in speech and writing.
  5. Understand complex global issues.
  6. Have a constant attraction to new ideas.
  7. Can explain their personal values.
  8. Understand the aesthetic, creative, and spiritual elements of life.
  9. Are effective self-evaluators.
  10. Are action oriented.
  11. Are skilled at detecting and solving problems.
  12. Seek lifelong education.

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