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Mission Statement

The mission of the Youth Advocacy Partnership, a local 501(c)3 organization, is to motivate, equip, and support the youth of Suwannee County to identify and address social issues in our community.


The Soul of Youth Advocacy Partnership represents our core values. These values include: - We are deeply interested in personal Investment and Responsibility - We are driven and determined to show results, through evaluation of our efforts in the community - We established YAP as youth, and we genuinely value an environment of professional Youthfulness - We highly value the notions of Critical Thinking, Exposure and Participation - We are motivated to support youth in expressing and articulating concerns at the local level and addressing those issues with real solutions



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Would you recommend Volunteer Suwannee?

by Ashley F. from Live Oak, FL (2009-05-11 12:31:51.0)
Well obviously you can help out your community, but this organization also is very flexible in that they want you to help, but they dont force you like other groups that I've joined. Also, the activities that we do to help are actually fun and in a very free atmosphere. This freedom is probably what encourages me to want to help out, because I know that I can uses my own talents to aid the people in my community, rather than be treated like a robot. In any case I would highly recommend people to join beacuse I know they would not regret it.
by Steven S. from Live Oak, FL (2009-04-22 10:50:19.0)
I co-founded this organization with Mary Taylor in 2004. I've been blessed to be able to take on working with Youth Advocacy Partnership full time since 2008. YAP is a great place to get involved, because its efforts are driven by local need. We've been very innovative, and for a place like Suwannee County, the youth are essential to the community health. It's been an honor to see the growth of this organization and the positive feedback that has been received from throughout the community. I hope you'll consider volunteering and financially supporting the Youth Advocacy Partnership. -Steven