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Mission Statement

Boomerz, a joint project between the Scottsdale community and The Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust is committed to helping baby boomers make the most of life transitions. Through courses and life coaches, we help boomers get back on track if they fell off, or escape the rat race and get into the life of their dreams. We help boomers re-discover their passion and purpose, re-connect with their values, and explore the meaning of the slow food movement or voluntary simplicity. We provide intellectual stimulation, opportunities for cyclical jobs and meaningful volunteer work.


This is the story of a movement of epic proportions. As 77 million boundless, limitless, ageless, timeless baby boomers move into the next stage of their lives, they are redefining quality of life itself and continuing their signature quest for personal and social meaning. Boomers are redesigning mid-life: No longer does mid-life come with the word crisis attached. Instead it is an opportunity to re-examine values, search for meaning, and explore new opportunities. It is a time for balance, perhaps time to get off the fast track and revive your dreams, or to get off the couch and get physically fit. It means time to spend going deep with family and friends, time to slow down and actually savor life. Boomers are redefining the empty nest: No longer does the empty nest loom menacingly or portend empty days or meaningless lives. Instead it is an opportunity for new freedoms, the freedom to re-connect to your spouse, revive your sensuality, explore new career and civic opportunities, reconnect to your core, get back in shape, develop new grand-parenting skills. Boomers are reinventing retirement: No longer does retirement signify a rocking chair, physical decay, boredom, licking envelopes or the end of meaningful contribution. Instead, it is an opportunity for physical rejuvenation, adventure, travel, cyclical work, civic engagement at a meaningful level and building an intellectual and moral legacy.



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