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The Richard M. Brodsky Foundation focuses on raising awareness that while AIDS is a global health threat, it is destabilizing Africa. A LACK OF DOCTORS, MEDICINE, AFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE, EDUCATION, CLEAN DRINKING WATER & NUTRITIOUS FOOD COMBINED W/ AN ABUNDANCE OF POVERTY, HUNGER, MALARIA & TUBERCULOSIS is the reason why 2/3 of the people dying from AIDS are from sub-Saharan Africa. This Foundation exists to: (1) Improve the lives of people affected by HIV and cancer both in Africa + America with a strong emphasis on helping orphans + kids; (2) Raise awareness to government, business + society that people living w/ HIV + cancer can lead healthy productive lives if they have access to medical care + medicine; (3) Encourage others living w/ HIV to disclose their HIV-status; (4) Encourage people w/ HIV + cancer to lead a healthy, upbeat lifestyle; (5) Provide meals/medical care for orphans in conjunction w/ World AIDS Marathon; + (6) Raise money for HIV + cancer cures


Richard Brodsky was diagnosed HIV+ in 1997; five years later he was diagnosed w/ terminal brain cancer. A year later he finished the 2003 NY Marathon. He realized he was blessed to have great medical care in America; why couldn't we help people in poorer countries? In 2004 the Richard M. Brodsky Foundation funded the World AIDS Marathon in Mbita, Kenya, whose proceeds helped fund an orphanage there. 14th annual World AIDS Marathon. World AIDS Day, 2019, Kisumu, Kenya, plus providing medical care at 4 orphan dinner dances on Nov 28, 29, 30 and Dec 2. Visit website worldaidsmarathon for more info. 14th annual 5K AIDS Cancer Run Walk on June 6, 2021. Only AIDS run or walk on Long Island. 8th annual Great Neck North High School co-ed faculty sports night, April 4, 2019. Grant for 4 painting lessons, lunch and dancing (April - July, 2021) for 40 kids (half special needs) + tutored by 5 Kenyan artists at JIU PACHI, CBO, Eunice Owino, CEO, is hosting event. Richard's story is chronicled in the book Richard Brodsky's Journey of Hope. Checkout YouTube channel worldaidsmarathon. 3 major videos are World AIDS Marathoners Love Affair With Kenya, its trailer, + Racing to Take COVID-19 Vaccine. The COVID video is a plea for everyone to take the vaccine. I'm 68; 6 weeks after taking the vaccine I ran my fastest marathon in the past 20 months. The video is also a plea for America to share its vaccine w/ poorer nations. 30 presenters from diverse backgrounds share powerful message to end this global pandemic.


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by Alexandra P. from Brooklyn (July 12, 2016)
Richard follows up with everything I give him, offers suggestions and improvements, and is overall a nice person to volunteer with. I helped design the recent Marathon and, while it was a bit hectic, Richard helped me in more ways than one and made the process much more smoother than I had with other volunteer organizations.
by Valerie T. (August 3, 2012)
Richard Brodsky and the Richard Brodsky Foundation has been great to work with. We've completed several projects surrounding the Marathon and Toy drive events. Richard was very timely and thorough with his instructions and follow up. This organization truly cares about it's participants!!
by Sweet I. from Jefferson, NH (September 16, 2011)
Too many people have become complacent about Hiv/Aids...I have lost many friends, and have many, many who are positive, and I will do anything that I am capable of to help them, and to help Richard help them...He is to be applauded for his selfless, untiring work and I am honored to be even a tiny part of it!
by Sahil B. from Harlingen, TX (September 14, 2011)
The Richard M. Brodsky Foundation is a great organization to consider! Richard and Jodi Brodsky provide so much time and dedication to the foundation, and I have learned so much from volunteering. They are truly inspiring individuals. As stated, 100% of the funds are donated to AIDS and cancer projects. The more help the foundation can receive, the better they can help serve. I highly recommend volunteering with this organization today!
by WAM Volunteer P. (September 13, 2011)
Volunteering with the Richard M. Brodsky Foundation has been outstanding! For anyone who is looking to gain insights into a journey of hope and a life filled with inspiration can look no further than to Richard and Jodi Brodsky. Their devoution and dedication to individuals who are infected and affected by HIV/AIDS is inspirational. Theirs is a story of hope and healing. The insights and opportunities working with the foundation have been invaluable. I highly recommend getting involved and considering making a contribution to sustain the foundations mission.

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