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Mission Statement

The goals of world federalists are the abolition of war, the preservation of a livable and healthful global environment, and the promotion of a just world community. Those objectives can be reached by providing structures by which citizens of the world can practice self-government on all levels at which their interest are at stake. In an increasingly globalized world, this will entail the creation of a democratic world federation in which global problems can be met with a legitimate global response.


The Democratic World Federalists (DWF) can trace their roots in Northern California back to the 1940's --a time in which two world wars and the first use of nuclear weapons had convinced the worlds leading minds that the future of civilization depended upon their ability to create a world-wide system in which unlimited national sovereignty could be legitimately moderated. Their efforts resulted in the creation of the United Nations and other Bretton Woods institutions. While representing a step in the right direction, these bodies have never embodied the basic tenants of good governance that have come to be universally applied within well functioning national governments. And so, since that time, world federalists have been working to promote an awareness of the concepts of good global governance and world citizenship as we develop and build support for the further evolution of global governing systems. The organization has supporters throughout much of the United States and in various locations around the world. The Democratic World Federalists are also active as an associate member organization of the World Federalist Movement -- a global organization that played a key role in facilitating the creation of the International Criminal Court. The Democratic World Federalists are currently working to: A) Promote world federalism through speaking engagements, e-mail messages, and letters written to media, politicians, other civil society organizations, and the general public. DWF also publishes a newsletter "Toward Democratic World Federation." B) Advocate plans to democratize and empower supra-national institutions by cooperating with other globally-minded organizations on the development of reform agendas. C) Help other activist groups understand the relationship between their specific goals and the need for global government. In 2004, DWF carried out the "Finding Solutions to the War System," outreach project which was designed to teach those within the peace movement about how war can be eliminated, and global justice achieved, through the creation and enforcement of global law. DWF is now planning a similar project for 2005-2006, this time targeting the anti-nuclear weapons activist community.



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