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Mission Statement

Titans Academic & Athletic Program is dedicated to providing all youth, particularly those who are atrisk, and their families an alternative state-of-the-art holistic developmental environment, resulting in habilitated and productive young adults who contribute to society. We will create an environment that provides the right interventions at the right time ensuring our youth acquire the tools necessary to make sound choices and decisions as they become confident and effective advocates for themselves as well as those less fortunate.


A healthy life includes several areas of mastery, which most adults and families have difficulty achieving in their daily living and working experience. Youth today have an even more demanding scenario as the world around them is changing rapidly. These basic areas of focus include Work; Intellect; Life Planning; Fulfillment; Recreation; Motivations; Health; and Relationships.

Titans Academic & Athletic Program has determined that the synergy of the following entities will to provide an answer to the current crisis facing the education and development of our youth and their familes;

  • Wesley Titans Center - The Wesley Titans Center is a joint venture between Wesley United Methodist Church and Titans Academic & Athletic Program. Our mission is to provide our community with the highest quality educational, moral, and spiritual development, as well as family ministry for all participants. We strive to be a point of light and guidance for both the children and adults of our community as they navigate through their physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual development and growth. Through our after-school and summer enrichment programming, we provide supplemental education services to under served populations and Title I Schools.
  • M5 Consulting - M5 Consulting provides educational & technology services for families, nonprofits and small businesses through multiple programs such as: Franklin Covey Leadership, Career & College Preparation, Financial Literacy, Technology Training & Resources, Business Management & Entrepreneurship, and Digital Media Education.
  • Hyperion Sports Management - Hyperion Sports Management provides our users with various recreation & development services. Along with hosting programs in basketball, soccer, football and baseball/softball, HSM also is the Austin home of Nike SPARQ training, Stronger Woman and Winning Ways International.
  • Titan Ventures - Titan Ventures is a youth workforce development program that provides employment training and opportunities for area youth in social enterprises we own and operate, affording them a solid economic foundation from which to advance educationally, gain financial skills, and begin to build personal assets

Through its unique blend of successful practices, Titans Academic & Athletic Program offers our youth and their families the structure to find success in new experiences and provide valuable work opportunities, reflecting increased personal value and self-esteem. Traditional education has not addressed the growing emotional and intellectual needs of our children - the connectedness of mind, body, heart and spirit. Titans Academic & Athletic Program offers solutions that allow the families of our community to turn stumbling blocks into stepping-stones, as they develop healthy habits for tomorrow.



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