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Mission Statement

Managers without borders (MngSF) has the role of sensitizing the young people to the problems of the action and management of humanitarians through traineeship and also of meeting the needs for training in management of the executives of the humanitarian organizations.


In the countries in the process of development, the humanitarian organizations complete a remarkable work of competence and devotion but are often limited in their action by a lack of human resources of quality able to ensure the administrative and financial management aspects of their projects. It is with the report that there is a need for training of professional managers suited and willing to work in the international humanitarian field that the Faculte des Sciences de l'dministration de l'Universite Laval (FSA) and the reputed professionals linked their efforts in order to create an advanced formation international and humanitarian action. The microprogram is currently in period of recruitment for the young voluntary managers who will leave in traineeship at the summer 2006. Those will follow beforehand a formation - from September 2005 to April 2006 - which includes four courses and aims at the acquisition of knowledge on all the problems related to the underdevelopment and on the principal actors. The formation proposes the discovery of basic realities of the international action and the intercultural relations, initiation to the management of the projects of international co-operation and the problems of ethics of the North-South relations. Traineeship of several months (3 to 5) in a humanitarian organization (international and local NGOs in particular but also of the organizations of mutual aid and local development, co-operatives, etc.) will finally allow to put the theory into practice. Taking into account this obligation to follow a traineeship and that those are entirely financed by the MngSF organization, the admission to the microprogram will be fixed quotas for and submitted for prior approval of the person in charge. The interested people to present their candidature are requested to transmit a file including a letter of motivation, a detailed resume and an academic file by electronic or postal way with addresses mentioned. For more information or deposit of a candidates' file: Managers Without Borders Palasis-Prince, Office 1620 Universite Laval (Quebec) Canada G1K 7P4 or by email to: Christian.Hudon@fsa.ulaval.ca Concerning the microprogram in international Development and humanitarian action The microprogram offers an university formation of 18 credits combining the theory to the practice and is addressed to people of various formations and experiments eager to acquire knowledge related to the international development and the humanitarian action. The managers volunteer will have to follow four obligatory courses among a choice of five courses (12 credits): Base of international management (also offered in English), international Project management, underdevelopment: actors and process, Ethics of the North-South relations, intercultural Management of human resources. They will complete their formation by an obligatory traineeship of 6 credits.

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