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Mission Statement

The Burlesque Hall of Fame is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and celebration of the art of burlesque. Our mission is to increase awareness and appreciation of burlesque past and present, to contribute to the further development of the art, and to act as a hub for the growing community of burlesque enthusiasts. We aim to educate, entertain, and inspire all segments of the burlesque community and the larger public by: collecting and exhibiting vintage art, artifacts and ephemera; fostering burlesque-related research and publication; and providing a dynamic connection to the unique history and heritage of the art via performance, exhibition, special events, and other activities.


From its humble beginnings as the personal collection of Jennie Lee, the legendary tassel-twirler who first dreamed of a "Burlesque Hall of Fame" in the early 1950s, to its present-day incarnation as the world’s largest and most important archive of vintage Burlesque ephemera, The Burlesque Hall of Fame subsists almost exclusively via the generosity of individuals who recognize the importance of preserving the art, artifacts and traditions of this uniquely American art form.

It was Jennie’s wish that this institution not only honor Burlesque’s memory, but also its future. A founding member of the Exotic Dancers League, she was devoted to keeping "the girls" together. As such, in addition her dream of a world class museum, Jennie’s plans for the Hall of Fame included affordable housing for retired dancers, as well as a school for aspiring stripteasers, who could train there alongside Burlesque’s remaining greats.

Unfortunately, Jennie passed away before she was able to see her dream realized. However, thanks to her dear friend and fellow entertainer, Dixie Evans, it was far from lost. In the years since her death in 1990, Dixie has not only taken up Jennie’s mantle, but expanded it; preserving and upholding the traditions of the art they shared, while bridging the gap between generations of performers and enthusiasts.

Today, the Burlesque Hall of Fame continues its effortsto educate, entertain, and inspire from the heart of Las Vegas' downtown revival. With our collection of 5,000+ pieces, our annual Striptease Rerunion and Miss Exotic World competition held every June, and an exhibition space located inside the Emergency Arts center on East Fremont, the museum continues to act as a focal point for the growing burlesque revival, as well as a single source of information about the legacy of burlesque.


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by Keiaira T. (2017-10-17 10:33:40.0)
Volunteering at the Burlesque Hall of Fame has been fun and informative. I've picked up new skills and learned new tools. I'd never heard of a paint edger before. I learned the best way to separate large boxes is by stomping instead of tearing. I learned how to archive documents and photos. All this while also learning about the history of burlesque and the types of people involved in the modern community. I'd definitely recommend for anyone to give it a try before they finish their move.