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Mission Statement

The mission of Monarch,Inc., is to carry on exclusively charitable programs of counseling, education, treatment, and referral of persons afflicted with habitual, involuntary use of mind altering substances. The Monarch alcohol and drug treatment program is designed to provide assistance to individuals who are already experiencing alcohol or drug related problems, to remain free of abusing chemicals, and who are unable to help themselves with their chemicals, to return to society as a responsible person. The program's primary commitment remains the treatment, preventions and education of alcoholism and drug dependency.


Monarch, Inc., is a non-profit organization which is committed to serving women who suffer from substance abuse. Monarch, Inc., recognizes alcohol and drug dependancy as a disease which is currently not curable, but a disease which can be addressed and treated so that the dependant person can successfully return to their community as a productive and contributing person. The staff of Monarch recognize treatment as DISCOVERY -- discovery of ways to re-evaluate irrational and self-defeating behavior, discovery of ways to develop and accept self-responsibility for actions and behaviors. We recognize RECOVERY as a lifelong effort, which is greatly facilitated with active participation in a 12-Step Program. Monarch, Inc., provides a drug and alcohol free climate, which enables our clients to honestly explore, and re-evaluate behaviors that have not been successful in producing a socially responsible lifestyle. The group counseling experience encourages the development of a trusting atmoshpere where clients may grow in the areas of self-awareness, self-understanding, and self-acceptance. Within the safety of the group, clients are encouraged to take the risk of practicing newly learned behaviors, which lead toward responsbile living. Clients are linked with appropriate social services in the home communties or referred to halfway living upon completion of their stay in either Residiential or Halfway House Programs. Our therapeutic approach is one of empowerment, support, and building strengths, rather than focusing on deficits.



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