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Mission Statement

MSD is a non-profit organization seeking to provide efficient transportation - bicycles - to rural Mozambicans, and to improve bicycle safety throughout the country. MSD gathers donations from the international community to purchase bicycles at cost to be distributed to residents of Mozambique living below poverty line.


The bicycle is a proven tool for development in rural Africa. An average woman spends 3-6 hours per day collecting 30 kilograms of firewood and 50 kilograms of water for her family each day. Moreover, she physically exerts herself in these tasks, as she must often walk kilometers for these chores with the weight of the goods on her head. A bicycle would empower her to take advantage of this time for revenue-generating tasks and reduce her fatigue in completing her daily chores.

Children also must complete similar chores, rendering them unable to attend school. Children who can attend school often walk kilometers to reach the facility. A bicycle would allow a student to reach the school quickly and invest the saved time into studying and preparing future generations for Mozambique’s development.

In addition to these two examples, Bicycles allow people to carry 5x the weight and move 4x faster than on foot. As a result, Mozambicans can carry more product, transport it further distances and reduce their travel time. In an economy where 80% of people work in the informal agriculture sector, bicycles directly enable people to increase their daily incomes. Moreover, bicycles provide access to clinics and schools that people could otherwise not reach by walking, reducing deaths from preventable diseases and increasing education and skill levels.

People can change the life of a Mozambican by giving them a bicycle! DONATE TODAY at http://www.mozambikes.com



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Would you recommend Mozambikes Social Development Inc.?

by Katherine H. (2014-10-09 10:10:22.0)
Great organization to volunteer with! It's important to follow up with organization if volunteering, some e-mails may get lost due to travels.
by Rui M. from Owings Mills, MD (Administrator for this Organization) (2014-08-12 05:41:42.0)
Mozambikes has a tremendous impact on the lives of people in Mozambique! Volunteering with them is such a rewarding experience, because you really can help people from across the world. It makes me proud to use my free time to give to people less fortunate.