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Mission Statement

Our mission is to create an environment for people of all ages and abilities to experience the creative process through ongoing classes, events, art exhibits, concerts,and outreach programs.



We envision a world in which creativity is integral to every life and its value is recognized.


Our goal is to enhance the development of physical, mental and spiritual wellness through the arts and humanities.

At Creative 360, work in the interrelated arts has repeatedly demonstrated the benefits of experiencing the creative process. We have worked with many age groups from a multitude of backgrounds and have seen astonishing results. Direct involvement in the creative process provides access to self-expression, knowledge, relaxation, peace, self-confidence and community connection.

We believe that our culture lacks most of the art experiences that are an integral part of daily living in other cultures throughout the world. In our society, creativity is often attributed only to a small number of professional artists and performers. The rest of us remain spectators, devoid of direct involvement in making music, dance, poetry, drama, sculpture, or other arts, including the art of personality.

Programs offered by Creative 360 are designed for specific needs, including those of children, youth, adults, gender-specific groups, older adults, the frail elderly, and people in recovery. Our goal is to develop supportive environments in which each person has an opportunity to become directly involved in the creative process. Through creativity, participants enhance their physical, psychological, and spiritual wellness.

Outside of its facility at 1517 Bayliss Street in Midland, Creative 360 makes workshops, classes and outreach programs available to corporations, schools, hospitals, health care centers, hospice groups, senior residence centers, and recovery centers in the Mid-Michigan area.


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