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Mission Statement

To promote, support, and practice community leadership through community involvement, volunteering, helping others, having a positive impact on our surroundings, and sharing those experiences.


We believe that today's American society suffers from apathy, the lack of community involvement, and the lack of awareness of the needs of their community. What Leader Central strives to do is to get people reconnected to their communities, to help one another, to share those experiences, and to provide a forum for people to do that, as well as provide long-term and sustainable community service and assistance to every community in the U.S. and the people in them.

We believe the world can always use more community leaders and people willing to get involved to have a positive effect on their surroundings. We aim to support this by providing online communities for people to use to help them connect with their local and national community, and to one another. We believe people will become more involved with their communities and helping one another if given the opportunity and the means.

From the smallest town to the biggest city, we believe that people want to help their communities and one another, yet just don't know how to get involved. Leader Central aims at empowering people by giving them free access to online communities and resources that will support their desire to help.

Our Vision
We believe that people need to be better connected with their communities, both locally and nationally. Technology and social media is the key to success and we aim to utilize these resources to get people more engaged with their communities and each other, while becoming better community leaders. We also aim to challenge the public's view of social media by showing them that social media can be used as more than just a place to hang out and socialize, but a destination meant to harness a collective energy and make positive changes.

Our Mission
Our mission is plain and simple, help people become better community leaders by helping them and giving them a way to get involved with their community and the people in it. To make that happen we:

  • Create online communities to make it easy for people to connect with their local and national community, help one another, learn from one another, support causes they believe in, and share those experiences.
  • To provide or look for ways to provide long-term assistance to communities, families, and individuals as necessary and as we are able to.
  • To raise awareness of issues affecting communities, families, and individuals.
  • To provide communities, families, and individuals with the opportunity and resources to help themselves and one another.
  • To seek out leaders and supporters who value our message and will courageously support it.

Our Motto
Be a leader, Get involved!

Our Goals
We aim to create and support community and people oriented online communities and resources to make it easy for people to become better community leaders, learn about opportunities to volunteer, to get ideas about how they can volunteer or help their community from others, learn how they can positively effect their surroundings, and then share those experiences with others. We also aim to get involved and support as many projects and activities that will support our mission and our message of community leadership. We plan on doing this by:

  • Creating free online communities and resources for people to use to help their communities and one another, and to raise awareness of issues communities are facing.
  • Provide free online resources, such as online classrooms, online meetings, user created forums and blogs, and a place to come online that is solely dedicated to helping people help themselves and one another.
  • Creating campaigns to raise awareness about a problem in general, or about a problem that an individual community, family, or person are facing and need help with.
  • Aggressively pursue fundraising opportunities to be able to help as many communities, families, and individuals as possible, while bringing necessary attention to urgent needs.
  • Helping to support projects and activities from the community geared toward helping communities, families and individuals.
  • Creating a Community Leadership scholarship to be awarded to students who have taken an active role in helping to support their community, a family, or another person.

Our Work
We have many different projects currently underway and many more planned for the future. However, most recently we have:

  • Created the online community, Community Central, which we created specifically for people to use to help support communities, families, and individuals. This community is to be used to help people connect with one another, learn about volunteering opportunities (both local and national), to get ideas about what they can do to help their communities, to learn from one another, and to have a place to share their experiences relating to these issues. However, how this community evolves and what resources it offers will be up to the members of the community.
  • Currently working on an online community, Families of Fallen Heroes, which is being created specifically to memorialize fallen soldiers, law enforcement officers and firefighters, while connecting the families of our fallen heroes with each other, as well as the general community. Families of Fallen Heroes is place for the public to connect with and assist the families of our fallen heroes, as well as learn about their struggles and provide assistance if necessary.
  • We are currently in the process of organizing many events and fundraisers to help support our mission, our message, and our communities.



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