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Mission Statement

Introducing Access Northern Ghana It has been said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Issah Hassan Mubarack reached out thousands miles to take that first step, and I have had the pleasure of being with him everyday since. My name is Kathie and my spiritually adopted son is Issah, I am American and Issah is Dagomba, from Tamale in the Northern Region of Ghana West Africa. With this website, we embark on our adventure, thousands of miles apart, yet we are together. All proceeds from our website benefit the Access Northern Ghana. This organization reaches out to schools,orphanage homes, women groups and community developmental projects in northern Tamale in need. Our hope is that this website will give you a glimpse of the goals of the organizations and we can move your heart to want to help. Orphanage David Ghana, West Africa is our brother in democracy since 1957. The country of Ghana has prioritized education and dedicates a sizable portion of their budget to the building of schools and universities. Ghana's industrious, well-educated workforce is one of the country's most valuable resources. There is a strong primary, secondary and higher education infrastructure, and literacy rates average 53 percent, one of the highest in the continent. School ChildrenFormerly a British colony known as the "Gold Coast", Ghana was led to independence by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah on March 6th , 1957. Ghana became the first black nation in sub-Saharan Africa to achieve independence from colonial rule. Our Mission: The purpose of this website is to document the program activities and to solicit volunteerism. We hope to raise awareness through our links. The teachers, orphanage, schools and women's groups all need support and volunteers, many teach classes without basic essentials such as black boards, lunches, or supplies.


Welcome to Access Northern Ghana Access Northern Ghana is a registered non-governmental organization (NGO) based out of Tamale, a city in the northern region of Ghana. Members of our community and international volunteers who were both dedicated to an international forum for volunteerism, cultural exchange, and service projects came together to form this group. Access Northern Ghana also stands for the importance of preserving Ghanaian traditions and culture so that it can still be accessed in the future. We believe that preserving what Ghana, and West Africa, has gained in knowledge, experience, and traditional ways in the last thousands of years is critical knowledge that should be preserved until the time comes when the rest of the world wakes up and realizes that each country and culture has a trademark piece of the solution for our world's problems. Ghana is one of the most peaceful nations in Africa, and we feel that our country has a lot to share with the international community, things that go beyond monetary wealth. Access Northern Ghana was formed to give access to what Ghana has to offer-its traditions, beauty, a return to the land, and a different version of human history and human potential. Access Northern Ghana was formed to work together with a network of volunteers who wish to experience our culture while also sharing whatever skill or desire they bring. There have been many families who were nominated to host volunteers so that we can best place the volunteer according to their needs and the needs of the community they will be living with. Volunteerism can range from building resource centers to working with women's groups. There is the option to teach, volunteer in hospital or orphanages, or volunteer directly on a specific community project. There are many opportunities and niches that could be filled, and many families that have had previous good experiences hosting volunteers from around the world. Access Northern Ghana is an organization for anyone who is driven by a spirit of service, a desire to connect our international communities so that we may access each other's ways and wisdom. Access Northern Ghana is also a non-profit and none governmental organisation that is registered under the confines laws of Ghana and supports in community development in Northern Ghana. This is done in several ways and that is by seeking volunteers to help in the teaching of schools, help in the structural developments of the schools, women's groups and that is by teaching them various ways by which they can generate income and also helping in their daily activities. We also intend to have future programmes where we can have a group of volunteers to come take in project works. We also are looking forward to donor organisations to come to our aid by helping us with funds for our women groups by stimulating petty trading to put food in their children, so they can concentrate while in school. Also, we seek to stimulate building, that is, to build simple but durable structures to protect the children from the elements while they are in school. We also intend to have the orphans feel at home and have a better living condition with their support and around being of volunteers who are there to show them love and care. Finally, to assist brilliant but needy children to attend a higher educational institute which is far from the reach of any child born in Northern Ghana which is considered as the most poorest region in Ghana. We also seek the assistance of volunteers to come to Tamale and help by working in orphanage homes, clinics, classrooms, or assist in community development in of Tamale. Volunteers, who are willing to give one of our underpaid, overworked teachers days of rest would be of immeasurable worth. Most of the schools don't even have a blackboard and chalk and rather write on walls. THE ORGANISATION: Access Northern Ghana does not only haves staff here in Ghana. We also have staffs in USA.They are three from different states in USA but keeping close contacts always. The organization is registered under the confines laws of Ghana and has a certificate of incorporation Access Northern Ghana - Ghana. Access Northern Ghana comprises of six people who form the executive committee. Apart from this we also a have board of trustee comprising professionals from different backgrounds from Tamale, Northern Ghana. It is this board that guards the plans and programs of the organization and advised the staff in Ghana and in USA on what ought to be done.



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