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Mission Statement

The Hope Movement is inter-denominational, 501 (c)(3) non-profit movement based in Miami, Florida with a passion to bring social and spiritual change throughout Latin America, United States, and the world. Our vision to create a Revolution of Love throughout the world opening the windows of heaven to allow the rain of God's presence to fall upon His people. Flowing through the streets like a mighty river. Pouring hope into the lives of many.

Our mission is to unite social organizations, churches, ministries, and individuals together as one in a movement of hope, shaking them from their comfort zone, inspiring them to reach out to those who are reaching out to us. Defend and care for abused and abandoned children embracing them with arms of love. Break the chains of modern-day slavery, setting the captives free. Provide free health care to everyone in need so that they may live long and prosperous lives. Empower the people through education creating a cycle of change. Provide rehabilitation programs to youth and adults to release them from the trap of addiction and oppression. Stabilize the family structure breaking the cycle of abuse and child neglect. Preach a message of hope to everyone in our path opening their eyes to see their life's purpose, being the voice and the hands of God, transforming communities into havens of hope.

The Hope Movement is not an organization, or a one man show. It is a movement of destined individuals and organizations united as one, dedicating our lives to the rescue and care of children and adults living in desperate need, reaching out to those who are longing for love. A new day has arrived and the Hope Movement is the formation of a generation of transformation.

The Hope Movement’s Response Today

Through life-transforming programs, initiatives, outreach centers, and mission work in the streets united with others, the Hope Movement confronts human suffering: violence that strips widows and orphans of their property and livelihoods, poverty that drains families of hope, family dysfunction that causes children to make their beds in the streets, hunger that consumes life with inner pain, addiction that pollutes the soul, abuse that rips innocence from a child and robs of them a peaceful future, violence that steals dignity and health from children trafficked into forced prostitution, violence that denies freedom and security to families trapped in slavery. Suffering of the poor is not driven by the overwhelming power of the perpetrators - it is driven by the vulnerability of the victims, and the lack of unity and passionate individuals who will step out of their comfort zone, unite, and reach those who are longing for hope. This suffering can be stopped when the power of God is released to flood the streets with hope, transforming communities into havens of hope, and when we step out of our comfort zone, and unite to become a movement of hope. One person unites with another and becomes a ripple, as more unite they become a movement, forming a flood of hope, flowing through the streets, transforming all that is in their path with the power of unified actions of love.

Core Commitments

In the tradition of abolitionist Jesus Christ and transformational leaders like Mother Theresa and Martin Luther King, Jr., The Hope Movement’s work is founded on the call to justice and unity articulated in the Bible (Isaiah 1:17): Seek justice, protect the oppressed, defend the orphan, plead for the widow.

The Hope Movement seeks to restore to victims of oppression the things that God intends for them: their lives, their liberty, their dignity, and the fruits of their labor. By defending and protecting individual human rights, The Hope Movement seeks to engender hope and transformation for those it serves and restore a witness of courage in places of oppressive violence and hopelessness. The Hope Movement helps victims of oppression regardless of their religion, ethnicity, or gender.

Our Vision:

Unification of Churches, Ministries, Non-Profits, and Community Members

Hope Movement Alliance:
* Unite to Mobilize a Movement
* Prayer and Encouragement
* Shaking the Comfort Zone
* Community Assessment and Outreach
* Resource Sharing
* Leadership Development

Youth Development and Family Structure Stabilization

Programs of Hope:
* Home for Children
* Feeding Center
* Youth and Adult Educational Institute
* Youth and Adult Rehabilitation/ Counseling
* Career/ Business Development
* Leadership Development
* Family Visitation and Evaluation
* Home for the Elderly

Community Outreach

* Hope Movement Alliance
* 24 Hour National Help Call Center
* Case Investigation
* Community Medical Clinic
* Project Nourishment Feeding Program
* Full-time National Mission Teams
* Medical Missions
* Mobile Outreach Center
* Missions of Hope


The involvement of people from around the world has ignited a global hope movement against human suffering. A Revolution of Love. There are three types of people. Those who do nothing, blinded by their comfort zones. Those that do something. An those that unite and ignite a Movement of Hope. Which one are you?

If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything. When you look into the mirror of your life what do you see? A humble life aware of the feelings of others, and the social and spiritual issues of the world, and passionate about reaching out to those longing for hope and love? Or a selfish life that has only been consumed by its own self pity and unaware of the suffering of the world, blinded by your comfort zone? Al-qaida and other extremist groups train, educate themselves, prepare themselves, and obtain the passion to give their own lives for a belief. Yet we can not even step out of comfort zones creating a movement of hope. Uniting as one to bring hope and love to those crying out.

In joining the Hope Movement...

Unite with like-minded Revolutionaries.

Attend local and international mission trips.

Organizations and Church leaders share news reports regarding new programs that you have created and report the progress so that we can learn from one another, and support one another.

Be an Advocate for change.

Keep yourself and others educated and informed.

Unite organizations, Churches, and individuals who are trying to bring social and spiritual change. Supporting them through volunteering, sharing information and resources, prayer, words of encouragement, etc.

Fundraise in your local community to help operate current and future programs.

Start a Hope Movement Insurgency in your local community.

Support one another to create new and inventive life changing programs.



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by Jonathan R. from Sunny Isles Beach, Fl (Administrator for this Organization) (December 1, 2010)
A compassion movement of humble people, who work as a family, with a vision to break the cycle.