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Mission Statement

Our schooling system fragments knowledge and teaches it in bits and pieces spread over a long time nod then expect us to put it together into a comprehensive whole. This is difficult for our minds to cope with making not only learning difficult but also this system ends up giving us a feeling that we are not good enough thus creating in us a feeling of low self esteem. The above is a generalized syndrome that most every student suffers from but there is a remedy for it; teach in an integrative fashion to begin with and instead of expecting the students to make sense of it, let the teacher present the information in a sensible order. That is what the Center for Integrative Learning does. We integrate all knowledge into a comprehensive whole and then by sifting and sorting we remove the duplications and the redundancies from it before presenting it to our students. This process shrinks knowledge making it even easier for us to grasp it and use in our daily lives, in our jobs and careers. In this integrative system of teaching, there are no subjects. There is no chemistry, physics or biology, no art, psychology, economics or philosophy as separate entities but the essence of all merged together into an interlinked sensible whole. Much of this we also teach in a chronological order because that is how our knowledge evolved and we need to know it in the same order to have a sense of time and space of its development. And since we are also creatures of time and space functioning best within those parameters, the integrative mode of teaching falls right normal with our Being. We regard that the current societal turmoil of unemployment and generalized unrest which have now spread globally are being caused by our fragmented educational system which promises more than it delivers. This integrative mode of teaching and learning could provide the much needed solution to these mounting global problems. The volunteers we are seeking would help evolve and implement our integrative educational program locally and globally. See: www.centerforintegrativelearning.org


W are a center of learning where we combine all knowledge into one comprehensible whole and teach without the constraints placed by separaed subejcts. .



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