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Mission Statement

Matter is a non-profit on a mission to increase access to health, next door and around the globe. We believe the simple act of being resourceful can change the world. By rallying around this cause, we help people see the value of what is in their own two hands. Together, it's our calling to deliver opportunity, resources, and restorative aid to those living in scarcity to create a world where we all matter more.


Our service learning program is a way for members of the community to get involved with the Change the Course Program. It’s a simple action that will help change people’s lives for the better. It’s our calling to change the course of today and ultimately change the course of tomorrow

Matter is a privately funded, 501 (c)3 relief organization that was established to fight poverty, hunger, and disease by through resourcefulness.

Through a variety of local projects, including targeted nutrition and food distribution, Matter strives to offer not just meals, but specifically healthy food to people facing food insecurity. The organization primarily distributes fresh produce, shelf-stable goods, personal care and basic needs items to other non-profit entities who serve people living in scarcity.

Internationally, Matter provides restorative aid - particularly in the fields of health, education, and farming - by supplying developing medical facilities, schools, orphanages, and agricultural operations with the equipment and supplies they need to thrive sustainably.

Matter also works to empower community members and businesses to see the value of what is in their own two hands and to create a world where we all matter more via engagement in team-building and service learning experiences - such as medical supply sorting, food packing, and the participation in Matter’s interactive educational exhibit.


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by Okwudinanka I. (2017-04-08 10:26:02.0)
It is an awesome way not only for those in health care but everyone to help give give back to the international community to save millions of lives. A very influential NGO that really makes a difference!
by Joni K. (2017-03-13 12:26:24.0)
I participated in sorting medical supplies. This organization has a good cause in providing medical supplies to those who would otherwise not have access. The event itself was well organized and straightforward. The leaders were helpful if any questions arose. I went to the event alone, but I think it would work well not only for lone volunteers but for groups of 2 or more as well. I think the event I participated in was suitable for teens, adults, and elderly people alike. The work wasn't particularly strenuous, and if something strenuous came up, a volunteer could easily avoid the heavier work by doing other, lighter tasks. It was rewarding to see all of the boxes and pallets of medical supplies that were to be sent to hospitals in need. The leaders also did a couple of calculations to demonstrate our impact--how many people our work would help. Overall, a good experience.
by Patty M. (2014-06-20 23:33:13.0)
I read the informantion on their website and think it would be an awesome way for youth to participate. Many High Schools have their own food shelves and hunger often is a youth issue. Harvest the enthusiasm and energy from the youthful community members and say Thanks!
by Terri H. (2014-05-28 11:36:44.0)
I have read the information on their website and don't think it would be suitable for youth volunteering