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Mission Statement

Support for those suffering from depression and/or bipolar disorders as well as their family members and friends;

Education of consumers, their families and friends, and the community at large regarding these illnesses, their symptoms, and various treatments for these illnesses, including the value of mutual support groups;

Reducing stigma surrounding mental illnesses, and;

Promoting positive dialog between consumers and professionals.


Who We Serve

Northstar is a self-help group offering support and encouragement to people with mood disorders, their family and friends. You must be 18 years old to attend our meetings.

We’re a non-profit group depending on donations to operate.

Our Meetings

We meet Mondays from 7-9pm at Crossroads Church, 10451 Huron St. in Northglenn, Colorado. We serve the north Denver metro area. You must be 18 years old to attend.

Ground Rules for Our Meetings

After our introduction, we take a short break before meeting in smaller "Share and Care" discussion groups. If you smoke, go outside away from the building so smoke doesn’t drift back in. Please bring your used smoking materials inside and put them in the trash. Pets are not allowed at our meetings, service animals are okay.

Each discussion group has its own facilitator and style. You may want to try a different group each week until you find one that meets your needs. You’re welcome to return to any group for as long as you wish.

If you’re here with somebody, we encourage you to go to separate groups for more candid discussions.

Some basic ground rules apply to all groups. Some facilitators have additional policies.

Confidentiality is the first and most important rule as it allows everybody to share comfortably. What we say in the group will stay in the group and not be talked about elsewhere.

Our facilitators are trained, but they are not professionals and are not here to replace treatment by your doctor or therapist. We share our own experiences. Knowing someone understands you emotionally can be very valuable.

Do not offer or ask for prescribed medications, it’s illegal and dangerous. It’s OK to discuss medications, but talk to your doctor about specifics.

The facilitator will make sure everyone has a chance to talk if they want to. Any question may be asked but does not have to be answered. Our time is limited, so please allow others an equal opportunity to share.

Side conversations and phone usage during group is disrespectful to the speaker. Please turn your cells phones cells off or to silent mode.

Our focus is mental health and coping with our illness. We discourage heavy discussions about religion, politics, and sexual orientation. We’re all entitled to express our opinions without fear of ridicule or judgment.

We strictly prohibit discussion about suicide methods or their treatment. Discussion about events leading to an attempt are okay. If you’re feeling suicidal or struggling, please ask to speak with any of the facilitators in private at anytime during group.

We prohibit discussion of any Post Traumatic Stress Disorder events (PTSD). It’s OK to say I have PTSD, don’t go into details.

If there are problems in your group, please discuss them with your facilitator in private after the meeting.

You may become comfortable with someone at group and consider becoming "buddies". Discuss and agree upon rules for contact and abide by them.

We suggest these relationships remain supportive and platonic. There may be romantic or sexual attraction among members. We strongly recommend you examine the pros and cons of a relationship before going further. It might not work out. We wouldn’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable, leave Northstar, and lose the support they came for in the first place.

We have handouts and you may check out library materials. If you know of or would like to donate materials, please discuss this with a facilitator.

We are grateful to Crossroads Church for allowing us to use their facilities. Please respect their property and other people’s sensibilities in both language and behavior.



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