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Mission Statement

The Mission and Vision of Mentoring Brother 2 Brother, Inc. is through mentoring and youth development programs empower, develop and encourage the now and next generation of community leaders, thinkers and visionaries.


Mentoring Brother 2 Brother, Inc. is a Dallas, Texas area based 501c3 non-profit organization that provides youth development and faith-based focused mentoring, leadership, character and life development skills to disenfranchised and at-risk African American young men between the ages of six and sixteen from within South Dallas County and its surrounding communities.


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by Petula W. (2009-07-29 07:01:04.0)
There seems to be not enough words to describe the affect that MB2B has had on my son’s life and mine. Before MB2B my son was shy and unsure of himself but with exposing him to purposeful activities, quality time with mentors, and consistent education about how to become a respectful man of society, he has truly flourished! He now has a since of belonging from men that look like him. A quality that I have come to appreciate as my son can consistently depend on this group of men who care. My son and I have benefited so much from this organization because they provide lending hands to me as a single parent who is raising a child of the opposite sex.They set examples for our sons that they can carry with them for a life time. They have definitely earned my trust and respect and I don’t think I could ever repay them for their sacrifice.
by Will P. (2009-07-23 14:51:09.0)
MB2B has a great organizational foundation to help our male youth. The Board of Directors, parents, mentors, and mentees each have responsibilities that they are held to account which embraces our motto of “Iron Sharpens Iron” that comes from Proverbs 27:17. The group mentoring approach which we utilize is absolutely dynamic because it allows the mentees to help each other through their own real time personal experiences and encourages team building. The mentees must attend mandatory leadership development trainings twice a month where they learn about the basic as well as complex things the mentees will need to know in life. A few months ago we taught the mentees something as simple but important as changing a flat tire. Later that day several of the mentees would have to put those skills into action when a parent had a flat tire. They worked as a team and safely changed the tire in approximately 10 minutes. This proves that the impact that MB2B is having is immediate.
by Nakeisha F. (2009-07-16 09:10:20.0)
I would recommend MBIIB to any single mother in the community. I know from personal experience the affect the organization has on African American male youth. I have 2 sons in the program and they learn so much on how to be a productive successful young man and everything they learn can be used in their adult life. Anytime I may have a problem with the boys all I have to do is call on the mentors for help and they are there to support me and help in guiding my sons back in the right direction. They show these young men that there are people out there who care for them and want to see them succeed in life. MBIIB provides the young men with the skills and knowledge to make it when they are adults.
by Tamara J. from Cedar Hill, TX (Administrator for this Organization) (2009-07-15 21:31:36.0)
MB2B is an organization that has successfully targeted African American young men within the south Dallas County community through its mentoring and tutoring programs to provide the leadership and character development skills that will be essential for the participant in this program for their entire life.