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Mission Statement

Our mission is to reunite missing companion animals with their owner/guardians.


The failure to provide lost pet services is a major contributing factor to the stray dog population, the feral cat population, and the overcrowding of animal shelters. Every pet dog and cat that is displaced from its owner care is a "stray" that ultimately contributes to the homeless pet population.

Missing Pet Partnership is a grassroots, national nonprofit organization. In 2005, we developed and now manage the first-ever pet detective academy that trains pet detectives who offer community-based lost pet services.

We are looking for animal loving volunteers who are interested in helping us acheive our mission of reuniting lost pets with their families. According to the American Animal Hospital Association's 1995 Pet Owner's Survey, nearly 30% of pet owners in our nation have lost, and never again found, a missing pet.

There is a science to finding lost pets, and it is based on a combination of law enforcement techniques used to find lost people and research into the behavior of lost pets. By helping communities to develop lost pet services, we can alleviate the suffering of lost pets and their owners. We can also have a significant effect on pet overpopulation by returning lost dogs and cats to their owners so they never become strays, and never end up in overcrowded shelters facing an uncertain fate.

We've already trained over 100 pet detectives in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, and Ireland.



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by Chris D. from WA (2009-06-24 12:45:34.0)
I joined the group about 2 months ago. I’m having fun and there are lots of opportunities to get involved. When I first joined I was asked to help out with the missing cat and dog search training. I used my dog as a target dog and laid a scent trail. I've learned a lot about the behaviors of missing dogs and cats. It’s absolutely amazing to watch the search dogs work a scent trail. You don’t need your own dog to work lost animal cases there is plenty to do from going on the searches to answer phone calls, making poster, dropping of equipment, to working an event booth. I invite anyone who wants to help reunite missing pets with their loved ones to come join our group. Chris