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Mission Statement

FC Pocono is a non-profit youth soccer organization dedicated to promoting the culture of soccer in NE Pennsylvania and NW New Jersey. Our coaches, board members and all other dedicated members are UNPAID volunteers. This is critical to our mission. We do not believe that profit, personal or otherwise, should be the driving force behind a youth soccer club. Having paid staff members requires more money, a burden that is most often passed on to the players and their families.

Our time, talents and resources are dedicated to the following objectives:

* Creating the absolute best atmosphere for player development, placing it above all else and providing the highest quality training at the lowest cost possible.

* Providing instructional, recreational and competitive youth soccer opportunities that develop players at all levels.

* Building self-esteem and teaching respect, teamwork, skills and the benefits of good physical health.

* Developing coaches to the highest level through ongoing training, instruction and licensing programs.

* Creating a culture where family is valued, service to community is honored and growth and learning is fun.

* Encouraging players, coaches and parents to demonstrate only the highest levels of ethics, morals, sportsmanship and fair play.


FC Pocono is a non-profit organization that exists for one purpose; an all encompassing commitment to the development of the soccer player and the game. Club growth and financial gain are not our top priority. Our dedicated staff, top quality training and philosophy stand for much more.

FC Pocono recognizes that all players will develop and thrive at their own unique pace. Parents and players need to find the right fit for them.

FC Pocono believes that players and families deserve a choice. Our mission and methods will differ from other clubs. It is up to the player and his/her family to choose.

Since FC Pocono is not in competition with any other club or organization; we can stay true to our mission without losing sight of our goals: To offer the highest quality of training along with opportunities for competition that are appropriate for your child.

We are one of the few clubs in the Pocono area that now offers the opportunity for exceptional players, as young as 6 or 7 to compete in travel games.

This level of competition is not right for every child. But, for the exceptions, the highly athletic child who thrives in a competitive environment and desires more; we are making that a reality.

Player confidence and independence grow with the player’s touches on the ball. By offering the high standard of training you will find at FC Pocono; even young players learn to play as a team. Team play insures each player on the team will have touches on the ball.

There are exceptional young players who, even at the age of 6, stand out and can comprehend the game at a higher level. By denying them this opportunity, who is being served? Holding them back may serve a particular philosophy but, will not serve that player.

There are benefits to offering 6v6 and 8v8 soccer to younger players:

  • In a fun environment of top training and team motivation; tactical concepts are imbedded at an earlier age.
  • With proper direction; the already exceptional abilities of some players will thrive.
  • Concepts of team building and discipline are learned sooner rather than later.

Without qualified and dedicated training, this would not be possible.

For the players who do not desire or, are not ready for this level of competition; FC Pocono offers programs that will develop the player and cultivate a love for the game.

FC Pocono is not a business. We are a club that exists to serve the best interests of the soccer player and teams. Once again, we believe that families deserve a choice.

For the love of the game....... FC Pocono



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