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Mission Statement

ZFusion utilizes creative expression and thinking to encourage and inspire young aspiring artists, youth and women.


ZFusion developed a project called "Healing for the Broken Spirit" This project provides participants the opportunity to heal their spirits by stimulating their creativity using Mixed-Media art and Collages. Using universal and human emotions, we will explore the healing power of art and creativity as a means of self-empowerment, self-expression and healing.

Each participant will be given an emotive word (e.g. Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, etc.) and will be challenged to create a collage that depicts their personal expression of that word and it’s opposite. Through this form of art, participants will experience a freeing, joyful and therapeutic way to express themselves.

The "Healing for the Broken Spirit" workshop is filled with fun, creativity and imagination. Our hope is that this inspirational therapy will start the healing process for the participant providing them with the knowledge that the power to create a great future for themselves and their loved ones reside within.



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by Redesha V. (2015-01-13 11:55:55.0)
I just like what it stands for it seem like it's defenitly a women empowerment organization. Also i love the art side of it,painting has always been my escape to therapy.