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Mission Statement

To help expand and improve the services of dedicated grassroots organizations which function as the primary source of healthcare for much of Indiaâ  s underprivileged population. To select passionate volunteers to work with grassroots organizations in India in order to facilitate the enhancement of existing healthcare programs, and the creation of new ones, in a replicable and sustainable manner. To have a centralized approach through which AVSAR can disseminate, and thus leverage, new and existing knowledge and information across all of the AVSAR-affiliated organizations. To form a worldwide network dedicated to a more prosperous India by cultivating long-term partnerships among volunteers, organizations and the greater international community.


AVSAR's Volunteer Program- Every 30 days, AVSAR brings skilled professionals and students to the heart of Mumbai (Bombay) to help impact the healthcare of children living in the slums. Through this service experience, volunteers create life long relationships with inspirational partner NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) committed to the medical, educational, and social needs of the underprivileged. The AVSAR Best Practices Initiative-As with many NGOs in India and abroad, the sharing of best practices remains the most under utilized method of resource sharing. Communities themselves have the unique ability to create solutions for community issues; however, it is often difficult to share solutions with similar communities facing similar problems. The challenge that remains is how can NGOs become more efficient in the sharing of common solutions? AVSAR organizes a monthly meeting between NGOs to share successes, challenges, and avenues for collaboration. Kid4Kids-At AVSAR, we firmly believe the desire to give comes from the heart. Children demonstrate this to us everyday, and through Kid4Kids we hope to help kids cultivate the desire to volunteer and help underprivileged children in other parts of the world. Through Kid4Kids, children in the United States will be able to spread awareness about the plight of underprivileged children in India and recruit sponsors for care packages that are sent to India. NRI Clinicians Program- Connecting NRIs, Local Doctors, and Services Needed in the Community



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