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Mission Statement

The mission of Keep Miami Gardens Beautiful is to improve the quality of life of our residents by making them knowledgeable and responsible in natural resource conservation; solid waste handling, recycling, litter abatement and beautification.


Since the incorporation of the City Miami Gardens in 2003, with the help of various partners, the city has landscaped three major corridors in the city and two linear parks: NW 27th Avenue, Miami Gardens Drive, SR 441 and Sunshine State Parkway. These landscaped areas include a variety of shade and ornamental trees and various species of palms. All of these areas have been irrigated to maintain the attractive flowers, shrubs and lush grass. In addition, the city has added beautiful pavers to accent the foliage.

Our street tree plantings are one of the city’s most popular programs and are often requested by residents. As a part of our neighborhood tree plantings an informational packet with the tree’s specie and tree care guide are given to each homeowner whom the tree planting will directly impact. Each packet has information on: (1) Understanding how people play a major role in urban forest ecology; (2) Proper planting, maintenance, and removal of trees; (3) and why trees are important to all of us, along with the benefits that trees provide to the community as a whole.

Although, natives are given priority when selecting trees, the city also chooses species that are drought tolerant, known to do very well in our geography region and have proven to be great right of way trees. All plantings are conducted according to International Society Arborist rules, follows the Right Tree Right Place guideline and National ANSI standards. The newly planted trees are constantly monitored and watered by the city’s water truck on a regular schedule for at least the first year or until well established. The goal is to have healthier, regularly pruned trees, along with removal of invasive trees which will be replaced with a more diverse urban forest.

This year the city adopted its own landscape and tree ordinance in an effort to better regulate arboricultural practices in our city. Areas of particular focus included reducing tree loss during development; reducing damage to standing trees during construction; providing for replacement of trees lost during construction; providing for planting trees where none occurred previously; and providing for the maintenance of preserved trees after construction is completed.



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