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Mission Statement

"...To truly serve...the Public Interest, Convenience and Necessity..."



WPCA Radio believes that the broadcast media, especially television but including radio stations, are major contributors for what we see as the moral decay so prevalent in our country today.

WPCA Radio also believes that if we don’t work to effect a change in that situation, it will not happen; someone has to do it....if not WPCA Radio, who? If not now, when? To that end, our radio station requires a dress code of professionalism for our people not seen in most of broadcasting today; we require our people to be pleasant and professional when in our building or representing the radio station elsewhere; even when off-duty.

Our on air programming is mostly music; in that venue, we do not allow music with illicit or suggestive, or down-right vulgar lyrics; further we do not allow music with the heavy base-beat and screaming guitars and the general din so prevalent in much of today’s music. Our music is primarily from vinyl records, and each selection is individually screened to be sure it meets our strict criteria. Vinyl is preferred due to the extra special sound that music in that medium carries with it.

WPCA Radio air personalities are not allowed to make off-color remarks, or read suggestive or otherwise illicit material for on-air use. WPCA Radio prides itself on programming that is fit for the whole family, regardless of their age.


WPCA Radio does programming and services other small town radio stations wouldn’t even think of doing. For example, WPCA Radio provides meteorologist-originated weather, every 20 minutes, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

WPCA Radio provides a radio news service that includes the Salem Radio Network and includes our own newsroom for local coverage, as well.

WPCA Radio features SRN sports which makes coverage of National/International sports possible, as well as our own Sports Department, which does live reports from two games per game day/night, and updates our audience on area schools sports scores during morning sports reports each day. WPCA Radio provides training in broadcasting and associated arts, to those schools who are interested in educational and future horizons.

WPCA Radio offers children’s programming, even though we are an adult-oriented radio station; because children should be started early on a path that can be self-enlightening, and create responsible adults.

PUBLIC INTEREST PROGRAMMING WE HAVE AIREDIn our nine years on the air, WPCA Radio has tried to be a good neighbor to our listening area, presenting programs not heard anywhere else. From the New York Philharmonic on Sunday nights, to programs from the Big Top Chautauqua in Washburn county, to interviews with artists, directors, instructors and participants in the various Arts organizations and outlets in Northwest Wisconsin on a regular basis; From a Bluegrass Review program on Saturday mornings, to special programs every evening, including Planetary Radio, Philosophy Talks, and Prime Time Radio, For Seniors, on Friday afternoons. The broad spectrum of the public interest is addressed daily in interviews with community leaders and members of the public because we believe in our Mission Statement, which says:

"WPCA Radio shall be on the air to Truly Serve.... the Public Interest,

Convenience and Necessity".

WPCA Radio believes the public interest, convenience and necessity is something we must be aware of and provide, even if that 'public’ doesn’t know they need it, want it or can have it conveniently. It is our responsibility as custodians of the 'public’s’ airwaves that we are licensed to use.

WPCA Radio is your LOCAL public radio station!



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