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Mission Statement

Mission Statement- Assist emerging nations in the developing world

Contribute to higher education development in emerging and developing countries)- we need to stay true to our registered mission statement

International Professors Project is a worldwide 501(c)(3) organization focused on the long-term development of higher education in emerging and developing countries by achieving following goals:

  1. Provide short term and long term consulting support.

  2. Form global alliances with professors, students,, nonprofits, academic departments... and dedicated professionals

  3. Spread relevant data, information, ideas and research to further the study of teaching .

Design and Development of Our Academic Wing


Interconnect /Network



Instructional Design / Online Learning

Architects/Engineers' Visions for New Organizations

Technology-Oriented Educational Organization Designs



Project Generation or Incubation




Analyze Websites

Senior Volunteers May Request Training or Role-Taking Experience

Assist professor or Student Groups, Sister Nonprofits, NGOs, Universities,

Outreach to Nonprofits, NGOs, For-Profits, Social Enterprises, Social Businesses

Communicate and Collaborate

Team or Individual Assignments

Indiividual and GroupProjects Welocomed

2014 forward:

Establish, as a new convention in higher education, Tomorrow's International Professor, teaching and researching in the emerging nations of the developing world.

Reserach and scholarship: The idea of the International and Transantional Professor The idea of the international university, international campus; internationalized curriculum; student programs.

Serve Active and Retired Professors, Adjunct Professors, Expatriate Professors, as well as Emerging Nation Univerity Departments.

Provide Virtual Clearing House Services, includingSupport and Resources Center and Instructional Designs and Technology Training for professors and universities in poor and developing countries.

Coordinate Extensive Use of Informal Networks of individuals, nonprofits and companies to deliver these and other services.


Founded in 2009, IPP is a Technology and HR-oriented organization emphasizing cooperation and coordination in service delivery to Professors, expatriate Professors and Universities in the developing countries.

Our organization is run entirely by dedicated and hardworking volunteers.

Much of what IPP does can be summarized into 3 main functions: Consulting, Promoting and Recruiting, often brought into being via interconnections.

Consulting - We have dedicated volunteer professionals and professors who donate several to many hours per week to advise professors, students universities and nonprofit organizations in their areas of expertise.

We provide free mentoring, coaching, training, and tutoring services in various subjects such as Instructional Design, Academic English, Gamification in Education, HR, IT, Blended Learning, etc.

Promoting - The International Professors Project is dedicated to promoting various professor and student projects and researches that contribute to higher education development and international higher education in the developing world. Our efforts include connecting professors, universities, nonprofits, companies, and professionals to each other to foster relationships for higher education development.

Recruiting - We recruit retired professors for projects that interest them. We gladly accept volunteers to help with the administration of our cause. We also recruit professionals and experts to serve as consultants, accept donations of instructional technology tools for our members

Love to partner with the other organizations and businesses to help each other better achieve our mission and goals.




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Would you recommend International Professors Project?

by Charles K. from VA (2010-05-03 15:28:14.0)
There are more rewarding ways to volunteer your time. I volunteered to do "internet research" and was immediately appointed a "fellow." What qualifies one to be a fellow? Not sure. I was asked to create a google group and monitor said group, which I did for nearly one year. Activity on the board was low, so IPP shut it down. I guess I never really got how setting up a message board was helping anyone.
Previously Flagged and Approved
by Bob M. from _, UG (2009-11-10 08:41:53.0)
Its because this organization has come up with unique ideas where most of the organizations have been focusing far away from such opportunities where by it leads to many things to discover.like culture,togatherness, development,different methods of instructing and teaching and many others. Turyatunga Bob Maahe From Uganda
by Tima M. from Burke, VA (2009-04-27 15:47:28.0)
Because i think it is a great opportunity for both parties.
by Margaret O. from NC (2009-04-27 15:07:34.0)
Since joining IPP I have learned a tremendous amount about communicating with other professionals around the world. I feel that I can make a difference in supporting professors, students, and interns with important projects in developing countries.
by John N. from Naples, FL (2009-04-27 14:42:43.0)
Since I joined this Project as a Fellow back in 2008 I've seen it providing support for all ideas coming from all corners of the World. Education is the only vehicle that will allow humakind to survive.