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Mission Statement

AHEAD is not only a forward looking word but an acronym that sets out its mission of Advancing Health, Education and economic Development through humanitarian efforts and funding development.


As a virtual network of givers around the world AHEAD seeks to link talented people in experiences that matter and enrich their lives through giving teams. AHEAD's initiatives include a strong child welfare agenda both in the US and abroad including a unique child sponsorship offer that has the power to provide the humanitarian industry the funding of scale needed to actually conquer the reoccurring loss of childrens lives due to hunger and poor quality water as well as life enrichment programs. AHEAD assistance in supporting innovations in health care and education, resource projects that represent or support social entrepreneurs also seeks to empower those desiring to embrace a success-to-significance orientation in life by finding projects that impassion them. Whither it is a volunteer-to-carrier transition plan, assistance with developing funding, vision development or just making sure ones life is more full because of choosing to participate in the make-a-difference world, AHEAD has sought to enrich every life it touches in its organization teams as well as those it is privileged to serve.

AHEAD Team Opperating Principles:

Demonstrate gentleness, dignity, and respect • Communicate with frankness, honesty, and clarity • Avoid blame and pettiness • Keep agreements • Assume good intentions • Ask for help • Seek mentors • Take risks; learn from what doesn’t work • Take ownership for outcomes • Attack problems not people • Innovate • Do it all with integrity, enthusiasm and joy


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