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Mission Statement

Our mission is simple. We are a group of people helping our friend, Etienne David Adorno win the Assembly seat for the 38th district. We believe it is time for fresh new leadership, with a new perspective on how to handle the issues that affect us all, on the state level.


We are a NYS Board of Elections registered political committee. Our committee name is "Friends of Etienne David Adorno". Our website is VoteforAdorno.com and our twitter is voteforadorno. You can call us directly at 347-ETIENNE. We have been working diligently to try and change the dynamic of how our community is represented and handled on the state level.

For too long our state government has been operating at a deficit within a state of dysfunction, making it appear incompetent and resulting in negative National Media attention.

For too long they have been able to ride the wave at our cost - the tax payers! As a result, people have lost faith in our democratic system and in our State Government. If given the choice, tax payers would likely choose to stop having their hard earned dollars continue to support the failing government system of OUR state. I believe it’s time we send a message to Albany that WE want change! Times have changed; NO MORE BUSINESS AS USUAL. We need more transparency, more oversight and more accountability in those decisions that affect our everyday lives. We can no longer afford to be complacent with the status quo!

My name is Etienne David Adorno and I want to be your messenger! I want to go to Albany, advocate for our community and work to resolve the many issues that affect all of us, not only in our local community, but the entire state and the nation at large.

So I urge you to support me on this special journey to run for elected office, on the State level, and thereby joining me to send a very strong message to our legislators that WE deserve more!

It’s a New Day, A New Era, and Time for New Representation!

Together we can unite in the great fight for justice in a system that has been greatly unjust!



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