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Mission Statement

WRFG is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. Click here for our bylaws. WRFG 89.3 Broadcasts 24 Hours a day at 100,000 Watts. WRFG provides a voice for those who have been traditionally denied access to the broadcast media and the involvement of a broad base of community elements to guarantee that access. In the utilization of the Foundation's facilities and in its programs the following communities will receive first priority:

1. Those who continue to be denied free and open access to the broadcast media,
2. Those who suffer oppression or exploitation based upon class, race, sex, age or creed or sexual orientation.

Since going on the air in 1973, WRFG has filled a void on the Atlanta airwaves. WRFG was the first Atlanta radio station since the 1950s to feature such regional musical forms as blues, bluegrass and jazz. Reflecting Atlanta's emergence as an "international city", it pioneered programming oriented toward the area's growing Latin, African, Asian and Caribbean communities. WRFG was the first station to carry live broadcasts from the Arts Festival of Atlanta and the Georgia Grassroots Festival. WRFG's achievements extend beyond music alone. WRFG produced live broadcasts of speakers at the Hungry Club, Atlanta's famous weekly interracial forum. It was the first and only radio station to air the work of local poets, playwrights and authors on a regular basis. WRFG has also initiated programming directed toward Atlanta's neighborhoods, the disabled, alternative lifestyles, and other special audiences. Its in-depth coverage of event such as the 1987 rebellion at the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary has received widespread acclaim.

WRFG's documentaries merit special attention. Between 1977 and 1980, WRFG produced the 50-part "Living Atlanta!' series on Atlanta's history. "Living Atlanta!' won national awards and established a tradition of documentary excellence at WRFG. In the fall of 1989, the University of Georgia Press published a book based on this award-winning series.

In October 1995, WRFG attained its ultimate goal, broadcasting at 100,000 watts of power. The following year WRFG began the World Party Tours broadcasting live from various locations around the world. In 1996, the first World Party Tour took WRFG to Jamaica. The same year WRFG went to Dublin, Ireland to broadcast the legendary St. Patrick's Day Parade. In July 1998, WRFG celebrated 25 years of service to the community. World Party Tour '99 brought the Paint It Jazz Festival in Bridgetown, Barbados live to Atlanta in January of that year.


WRFG is a community-oriented, educational, alternative medium and our programming must reflect this.
We are for those alternatives that uplift human dignity and give people more control over their lives. WRFG is opposed to those forces in our lives that dehumanize and oppress people, especially economic exploitation, racism, sexism, militarism and anti-foreign/anti-immigrant chauvinism.



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