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Mission Statement

The National Center for Race Amity seeks to provide new, creative, and innovative educational programs that that focus on students K-12 and at the post secondary level. These programs strive for insight and understanding of both the moral and scientific truths that humankind is innately equal. As an extension of this mission the Center seeks to construct forums and initiatives among the generality of peoples of the world to promote cross racial and cross cultural amity. The overall mission has the cultivation of race amity as its key tool as well as its end goal in advancing access and equity among the citizenry of the peoples of earth.


Drawing on the 400-year-old tradition of cross racial/cultural friendships as a catalyst for equity and access in America, this celebration seeks to bring metro Boston’s diverse citizens to a festival for the human family. Based on the principle that friendships forged between people of differing races and cultures is an important first step to sustainable racial healing, the Metro Boston Race Amity Celebration was conceived as a tool to reverse the epidemic of fear and mistrust that prevents progress Towards E Pluribus Unum - the Latin phrase that dons our United States seal and means "Out of Many, One". The goal is to continue to pilot the event in Boston before offering it for replication to communities throughout America. The National Center for Race Amity is working to establish the second Sunday in June as National Race Amity Day, a day on which Americans are asked to reach across racial, cultural, and ethnic lines with an eye toward respect for their fellow citizens.

The fun-filled family-oriented celebration will feature local television celebrity hosts, a Health and Wellness Tent, Job Fair Tent, College Fair Tent, Arts Tent, Get Connected Tent, the Red Cross Blood Mobile Bus, spoken word artists, Brett the Yo-yo King, Boston’s best live musical entertainment, dance, art exhibits, Curious George and other children characters, along with concessions with food from around the world.



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