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Mission Statement

Mission Statement Current figures suggest that by 2010 the HIV/AIDS podedema will have created 20 million more orphans in sub-Saharan Africa * We believe with our intervention with adult education campaign, this number can be halved or heavily reduced. * We believe we will be able to house, clothe, feed and educate children who are orphaned, handicapped or otherwise abandoned due the Aids crisis or for any other reason. * We believe we can give these children the skills to become leaders and turn their nations around and to be soldiers of good for the world. * We believe we can rescue children who are being used as soldiers and teach them to be children again. * We believe HIV/AIDS, Cancer and Leprosy are curable using various treatments and we will take such treatments to where they are most needed. * We believe the 26 Dec 04 Tsunamis have brought a challenge to the entire human race and this is time to practice what we preach. This unprecedented catastrophic event requires an unprecedented solutions in both the short and long term. * We believe we can convince all governments to reduce their military spending by 2.5 % and contribute it toward orphans, the Aids pandemic, and other meaningful projects. * We believe that displaced aged people can be housed and cared for properly rather than allowing many of them become beggars, lunatics or starve to death. A wise man once said, Ã Â We do not own the earth we borrow it from our children. We owe it to the earth, the universe and God to give these children the lives they deserve and not a life of shattered hope. Hope is worse than any of the contents of Pandora'Ã Â s Box


it is a non-governmental organisation with the storng zeal to fight against, HIV/AIDS,cancer, leprosy and bringing the orphans,disbale and the distressed children together and making life meaning to the old people as well as encourganing adult edcation worldwide

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