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Mission Statement

Texas Equusearch is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization established in 2000 to aid families and law enforcement agencies in the search for missing loved ones.


Texas Equusearch has conducted more than 400 searches and has safely returned more than 300 missing children, teens and adults to their families. Law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, have credited Equusearch with having perhaps the highest 'find rate' (about 70% - with nearly 85% of these found alive) of any search and rescue organization in our nation. Texas Equusearch has grown from a small horse-mounted team to include hundreds of volunteers with four-wheelers, boats and aircraft. In December 2004, Equusearch founder Tim Miller was awarded President Bush's National Points of Light Award. He has also received a Crime Stoppers Award for public service. The organization dedicates its efforts to the memory of Texas Equusearch Director Tim Miller's sixteen-year-old daughter Laura, who was abducted, raped and brutally murdered in September 1984.



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Would you recommend Texas Equusearch?

by Vicky C. (2009-04-22 16:46:30.0)
Tim Miller and his team at TES deserve far more than a 5 star rating! Their tireless efforts to find the lost will be rewarded in heaven. Tim has a pure heart. A heart of gold.
by Sam V. from Ocero, FL (2009-04-22 16:35:09.0)
This organization should get a free pass into heaven...all of it's members.... not just for the great work that they do...or the high morality of its leader....but for having to put up with the lying and deception of The Anthony's!!! This group is the real deal folks!
by Dana D. (2009-04-21 17:32:29.0)
God bless Texas Equusearch and their tireless volunteers!
by angel b. from lauderhill, FL (2009-04-21 10:42:23.0)
Angels, pure and simple. I have nothing but admiration and respect for the job Tim Miller and his organization do. Their "find rate" is simply astounding, and they and the volunteers who show up again and again to do this very difficult work are heroes in my book. If I had the capacity, I would volunteer in a heartbeat. As it is not so, I have sent donations in the past, and will continue to do so in the future. Angels, all of you.
by Darlene C. from Nederland, TX (2008-11-15 22:06:49.0)
My name is Darlene and I am a member of Texasequusearch. I had the opportunity to volunteer on the Walker rescue from hurricane Ike in the area of the Rainbow Bridge in Port Neches as I live about 10 miles from there. I wasn't there long as I had the flu, but during the time I was there with the remaining rescuers that were still in the area of particular, I searched with people very dedicated and serious about finding this person for the loved ones were awaiting some type of word. About the time I had to leave one rescuer was in the ravine with an airboat, and the look on this man's face spoke a volume of words as to what he was not sure he may embark upon as I had to feel the same within myself. These people searched saltgrass fields never knowing as to when an alligator or a poisonious snake might side saddle them as it took alot of courage to walk thru the aftermath of the hurricane's reminants. Mr. Walker was found but upon undue circumstances. This team works together as one.