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Mission Statement

The Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative aims to bring high quality medical care and treatment to people living with HIV/AIDS and to improve health systems in resource-poor countries.


The Clinton Foundation assists countries in implementing large-scale, integrated care, treatment and prevention programs to turn the tide on the AIDS epidemic. We partner with governments in resource-poor countries to develop operational business plans to scale-up HIV/AIDS care and treatment. Currently, the Foundation is active in Africa, the Caribbean, India and China. The host governments take overall responsibility for the programs; the Foundation provides technical assistance, mobilizes human and financial resources, and facilitates the sharing of best practices across projects. The ultimate objective in each of these countries is to make high-quality HIV/AIDS care and treatment available to all who need it, and to develop replicable models for large-scale programs in other resource-poor settings. The Foundation is also acting as a "buying club" for partner countries and non-governmental organizations to access certain pharmaceutical products and essential medical supplies. Worldwide, six million people living with AIDS currently need treatment to survive. However, only about 400,000 people in the developing world are receiving ARVs. This gap will only be addressed by making essential drugs and diagnostics more affordable in the developing world. The Foundation has recently concluded agreements that dramatically reduce the cost of ARVs and diagnostics. It is working to make these agreements available to a growing number of countries, and to include additional products under its umbrella agreements, as appropriate.



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by Claire W. (February 26, 2009)
Volunteering with the Clinton Foundation can encompass everything from misery to sexual harassment to their human resources trying to cover up sexual harassment. There is a tight circle of people that have permanent positions with the Foundation and everyone else are treated like crap.
by Monica S. (February 11, 2009)
Volunteers at the headquarters are given mundane tasks such as expense reports and answering phones, which is far from the promised exposure to HIV/AIDS work. Overall the environment of the organization is miserable. There is a great deal of internal strife and back-stabbing. Although volunteers are told that they will have a greater chance of securing a permanent job, the reality is that the Foundation tries to make volunteers "volunteer" again in the field before being considered for a paid position. This is awful considering how much money the foundation has and wastes.