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Mission Statement

Our Mission To enable our students to master rigorous academic standards in all subjects, become skillful problem-solvers through deep understanding of math and science methods, and develop the lasting love of learning, character, and interpersonal skills critical for success in life. Our Beliefs à · Every child can learn and reach high levels of academic achievement. à · Every child can make a significant contribution to the school and community. à · Families are integral to studentsâ  success. à · Students learn when teachers learn. à · All of us grow when we embrace diversity. à · Literacy in math and science is critical for participation in civics and economic life. Our Promise Haynesâ  promise is to provide every student with an outstanding education, every family with a welcoming and respectful environment, every teacher with a fulfilling and professional place to work, and every community member with a school to take pride in.


Our Educational Approach Project-Based, Hands-On Learning Students learn by doing and by demonstrating what theyâ  ve learned. With training from Expeditionary Learning, E. L. Haynes teachers will design hands-on projects, real-life problems, and frequent outside-the-classroom expeditions that draw students into becoming active participants in their own education. An Excellent Teacher Every Year from PreK through 12th Grade In order to graduate students who are well prepared for college and beyond, every student needs excellent teachers every year as well as consistent expectations. E. L. Haynes makes this possible by teaching PreK through 12th grade and providing continual, high quality professional development for teachers throughout the year. The PreK through 12th model enables the school to be a safe, stable, and nurturing environment in which students know what is expected of them every step of the way. Students will develop skills in managing and taking responsibility for their behavior â  and face logical and appropriate consequences if they make poor choices. Deep Understanding of Math and Science Technical and scientific literacy are critical in the 21st century, and E. L. Haynesâ  ambitious math and science program for its students and teachers will serve as a model for the broader educational community. All E. L. Haynes students will master high-level mathematical and scientific concepts and become experts at using the scientific method to frame and solve problems. Haynes' Modified Calendar In order to accelerate student learning, E. L. Haynes will use a quarter system that is spread more evenly throughout the year than traditional school calendars. Haynes students are in school the same number of days as other public school students, but have two to three-week breaks in between each quarter and the option for five additional weeks of academic enrichment. During those five weeks, Haynes students may attend optional intersession expeditions lead by Haynes teachers and local experts. Research studies show that this modified calendar increases student achievement, and neighboring districts such as Fairfax, VA have found it to be very successful. See the attached draft calendar. Intersession Expeditions Linked to Classroom Content To facilitate learning through fieldwork and enhance studentsâ  retention of curriculum, E. L. Haynes will have four shorter breaks throughout the year rather than one long summer break. During those breaks, students will have the opportunity to enroll in â  intersession expeditionsâ  that are closely linked to the material and methods they are learning at the time. E. L. Haynes plans on partnering for intersession activities with institutions such as the Smithsonian Institute, the National Geographic Society, NASA, the Anacostia Watershed Project, and others. Family Involvement Studentsâ  families are integral to their success. At E. L. Haynes, family members will be welcomed and involved in governance, management, and operations of the school. To further engage parent in their childrenâ  s learning, E. L. Haynes will provide ongoing materials and mini-courses for parents on the curriculum and strategies to support their children at home. Diversity E.L. Haynes will recruit a student body that reflects the demographics of all D.C. students. The school's diversity will help create an environment in which students can learn from one another, learn to respect one another, and develop the skills to be successful in a diverse world.



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by paul z. (December 18, 2009)
I am a parent of two EL Haynes students, and volunteer when I can. EL Haynes is a fantastic school. If you have any interest in a career in education or working with children, there is no better place to be.