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Mission Statement

Rooterville is home to over 300 rescued farm animals, mainly pigs who have come from situations of abuse/neglect and abandonment. At Rooterville, we encourage people to adopt a compassionate lifestyle by choosing a healthy, plant based diet. Eliminating animal products from your diet is the most important thing that you can do to stop supporting the most egregious animal abuse, factory farming. Over 11 BILLION animals will be slaughtered in the USA and BILLIONS more will die before making it to the slaughterhouse. By going veggie, you will save approx. 100 animals every year, yourself! A vegetarian diet is not only the best diet for your own health, and that of the animals, it is the most environmentally responsible diet as well. Factory farming is the greatest source of pollution and produces more greenhouse gasses than ALL transportation emission combined. Please join us in helping make this world a better place!


We currently care for nearly 300 rescued animals at our sanctuary, the majority being cute and intelligent pigs. We help other animals as well, but we are the only organization in N. FL helping the pot bellied pigs, there are countless organizations helping dogs and cats. We have been involved in several very large rescues of over 50 pigs and if you like rescue, we have opportunities throughout the year to be on the front line of rescue operations.

We have beautiful gardens, bee hives and fruit orchards so if you love plants, gardening, mowing, weeding, pruning or anything else involving plants, we would love your help to keep our sanctuary beautiful for our pollenators and wildlife too! We always need help with beekeeping, if you enjoy that, we can use your talents!

Our educational programs always need good teachers: humane education, bug identification, bee keeping basics for kids, etc. If you'd like to lead a class for kids or the community, let us know! We have a beautiful barn area for educational use.

We always need great leaders too as board members or committee members so if leadership is your thing, we'd love to hear from you!

We also spay/neuter and build pens/shelters for animals that can stay in their homes with our intervention. We have fundraisers throughout the year to help feed and care for the animals. We welcome your support!


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