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Mission Statement

MISSION: Through the joy of flight we build confidence in children facing medical challenges or who have lost a family member to illness.



Flight1 is an Indianapolis-based nonprofit organization and 501(c)(3) public charity created in 2011. We work to build confidence in children ages 5 to 18 who face medical challenges or have lost a family member to illness. Our "Courageous Fliers" build their confidence by flying an airplane under the guidance of a Certified Flight Instructor, being recognized as members of the aviation community, and particpating in ongoing flight-related activities.


Flight1 is built from passion and a lot of hard work. We have partnerships with Indianapolis Regional Airport, Vincennes University's Aviation Tech Center, and children's advocacy organizations. These affiliations, combined with donation of time, funds, and service from the community, allow the Courageous Flier program to provide flights and flight simulator sessions for our participants. To provide ongoing support, the children are invited to stay in the program for a three-year period.


Simply put: because we want to and because we can. The organizers of Flight1 have a passion for both aviation and children. With the same passion shared by supporting individuals, organizations, and communities, the mission of Flight1 is achieved.


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by Jason E. from IN (2013-10-03 15:02:29.0)
I enjoy the event Flight1 created. It had a great causes building confidence in children, great people, and all around positive environment. I also met someone who has been a huge inspiration for me. Thanks again to flight1.
by Russell G. (2012-11-12 05:25:46.0)
Several months ago I discovered Flight1 and volunteered for a writing position. Aviation has been a remarkable part of my own life, so the organization's mission - using aviation to bring joy and confidence to children afflicted with, or affected by, serious illness - made perfect sense to me. There was, however, a major challenge: Flight1 is in Indianapolis and I'm in Metro Atlanta. I contacted the founder, Marcus, and found he was open to trying a "virtual volunteer" approach. I've been creating online content for Flight1 since then. Aside from their mission and its obvious success - just check the "Flight Log" section of www.flight1.org - what sets Flight1 apart in my view is how seamless the distance volunteer experience has been. Marcus provides all the info I need to do my part, includes me in the charity's affairs as if I was in Indy, and is appreciative of my contributions. I really couldn't ask much more of a volunteer opportunity. I highly recommend Flight1.