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Mission Statement

The Bronx Charter School of Mathematics (BRONX MATH) provides students in grades 5 â  12 with a disciplined college preparatory education focused on skill and content mastery in mathematics, science, and technology. Through its curriculum and achievement-oriented school culture, BRONX MATH prepares students for college and professional careers that require high levels of mathematics literacy; with our focus on character development, BRONX MATH graduates students equipped to be contributing citizens in their community.


Why does this community need The Bronx Charter School of Mathematics? Students in the Bronx are failing in record numbers, most profoundly in mathematics. Many do not currently attend schools that sufficiently inspire and require them to act appropriately and achieve at a high level. In particular, the Parkchester area of the Bronx urgently needs a high performing school that focuses on mathematics and science. The Bronx H.S. of Science is currently the only option for students in this community; however, too few of Parkchesterâ  s students are adequately prepared to pass the demanding entrance exam. For example, in 2003 at M.S. 127 in the Bronx, â ¢ 80%+ of Black students and 80% of Latino students are not proficient in mathematics (scoring level 2 or below on standardized math tests) â ¢ 40% of Black and Latino students are not even approaching proficiency (scoring at level 1 â  the lowest level possible â  on standardized math exams) â ¢ More than 80% of students are eligible for free lunch â ¢ Suspension rates more than quadruple that of the city schools as a whole How can BRONX MATH reach HIGH LEVELS OF STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT? The Bronx Charter School of Mathematics provides the comprehensive supports including: I) Extended School Day â ¢ 8:00am â  4:30pm â ¢ 90 minutes each of math and science daily â ¢ 120 minutes of English Language Arts daily â ¢ Middle School Homework: mandatory 2 hours per night â ¢ High School Homework: mandatory 3+ hours per night â ¢ Homework Support 4:30 â  6:00pm daily II) Saturday School â ¢ Mandatory once per month 9am â  3pm for targeted math and literacy instruction â ¢ Mandatory each week for students who are failing to meet learning standards III) Summer School â ¢ Required 3-week program for all students â ¢ Remediation, enrichment, and project completion IV) Requirements and Supports â ¢ Frequent internal assessments â ¢ Promotion requirement of 75% in all core subjects and on all comprehensive exams â ¢ Successful completion and defense of project, experiment, or research before a panel of outside judges â ¢ Data â  driven instruction â ¢ Homework collected, reviewed, graded, and returned daily â ¢ Homework Center/Hotline available daily â ¢ Teachers accessible evenings and weekends via e-mail and cellular phone How does BRONX MATH build CHARACTER along with ACADEMICS? The Bronx Charter School of Mathematics also develops students through a relentless dedication to character development. We promote and model the schoolâ  s core Character Values and expect students to demonstrate them in every classroom, hallway, and school activity. BRONX MATHâ  s core Character Values include: â ¢ Intelligence â ¢ Resilience â ¢ Integrity â ¢ Compassion â ¢ Respect â ¢ Excellence â ¢ Peacefulness Students understand and are faithful to the schoolsâ  core values and behave according to a strict Code of Conduct that reflects the highest in behavioral expectations for students.

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