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Mission Statement

Mission Race2Ring is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to provide professional rehabilitation, retraining, and placement for selected, retired Thoroughbred racehorses in qualified homes so that they may reach their full potential in a productive second career. When Thoroughbreds are no longer able to race due to age, minor injury, or lack of ability, specialized care and training is needed to transition them to productive new careers. This training ensures they will lead productive, happy, healthy, safe lives after retirement from the track. Race2Ring provides the special training needed, and then screens qualified homes where these Thoroughbreds will receive quality care and a new life in dressage, jumping, cross country or trail and companion use. We provide outreach to educate the public about the Thoroughbred industry and to engage them in our mission. We also strive to promote the Thoroughbreds breed.


We select horses for disposition, conformation and athletic capability. We look for Thoroughbreds that we believe will make good all-around sport horses. We screen out horses that have had serious injuries that could limit their future abilities or cause significant cost for physical rehabilitation. We also screen out horses that have significant behavioral issues. OTTBs have excelled as hunter/jumpers, in dressage, eventing, competitive trail riding, foxhunting, 4H, barrel racing, carriage driving, pleasure riding, and even as police horses. We gather as much information as we can about each horse through discussions with trainers and handlers. We look at the horses racing history, blood lines and the quality of its racing training. When we are confident we can retrain the selected horses for a new career we acquire them and bring them to Race2Ring’s facilities. We generally have an idea from a horse’s conformation about which discipline it may be best suited for but we won’t make a final determination until we’ve started the retraining and learned more about the horse’s personality and capability. Every ex-racing Thoroughbred deserves a meaningful career but since we have limited resources we have to devote them to high potential prospects.



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by Erin H. (2014-09-21 10:53:28.0)
I really love Horses and I think this is a really good thing for them to!