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Mission Statement

We help youth discover, amplify, and pursue thier natural high so that they have a reason to say no to an artificial high.

A natural high is an activity, art form, or sport that you love to do and makes you feel good... inside and out. Everyone has a natural high.


Every day, youth are bombarded with mixed messages about drugs and alcohol-that they are cool and that everybody who's cool is doing them. We believe that it's time for a new social norm-one that empowers youth to find what they truly love to do-activities that inspire them to turn thier back on drugs and alcohol, to establish thier true identities, and to influence thier peers to live a drug-free life.



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Average Review 4 reviews

Would you recommend Natural High?

by Christina H. (2013-10-02 11:05:27.0)
Natural High is a fun, inspiring and innovative organization. Youth from across the country are not only choosing to live naturally high, but spreading the message to their peers. It's a powerful thing to see.
by Allura G. from San Diego, CA (2013-10-02 09:29:40.0)
Great organization dedicated to helping young people find what they're passionate about. It was fun and easy to be a volunteer because of how well the volunteer coordination is put together every year.
by Brianna G. (2013-10-01 16:45:58.0)
Natural High is a great organization. The work that they do is very important. Highly recommended.
by Sasha C. (2013-10-01 11:13:34.0)
Natural High is one of the most forward thinking not-for-profit organizations in the Country. With the aim to change culture amongst youth resulting in a new social norm - it's cooler to have a natural high and participate in activities you love than to do drugs or drink - Natural High has the best interest of our youth at hand. I support and encourage this organization's efforts!