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Mission Statement

To be the established leading voluntary origination in Ghana satisfying the expectation of the deprived communities in providing a full range of voluntarism through efficient and high quality social services nationwide from local and international volunteers to serve humankind which is our outmost desire. FOR THE ACHIEVEMENT OF THIS MISSION SAVOG IS COMMITTED TO: 1.the provision of first class voluntary service to both local and international volunteers. 2.constant maximization and improvement with the use of basic social logistics for deprived communities. 3.ensuring that staff are well motivated and have a conducive work environment. 4.recruiting and retaining the best human resource to carry out our social organizational mandate. 5.applying best practice in internal policies, procedures, and service delivery. 6.focusing on our core social services and competence. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: 1.to promote the concept of volunteerism through self help development project within our deprived communities. 2.to promote general youth development through organization of educational programme to improve their quality of live in their communities. 3.to promote education and vocation for the disadvantage in our society e.g. street children, disabled, AIDS patients etc. 4.to promote health education and provide health service to the rural communities e.g. first aid. 5.empowerment of women through micro-enterprise as a means of reducing poverty. 6.promoting culture diversity through exchange programmes. 7.donation of relief items to the disadvantaged in our communities 8.to promote the placement of volunteers teachers in deprived school in rural communities. 9.to encourage domestication of bush animal as a means of reducing bush fire. 10 to promote active participation of volunteers in a forestation in our societies. PROJECT DISCRIPTION: EDUCATION: SAVOG links with interested volunteers on teaching project in deprived community schools where there are inadequate teaching staffs to teach subject like English mathematics, science, French and computer. And also provide opportunity for volunteers to interact with the student as a way of encouraging students to learn hard. CULTURE DIVERSITY: SAVOG encourages culture interaction among volunteers and the people in the working community through learning types of drums and how they are drummed, bead making, types of food and their preparation, different culture dance, dressing, kente weaving(Africa traditional cloth) etc. HEALTH: SAVOG volunteers are placed in communities to help execute their service by serving as first aid educator, education and documentary on HIV/AIDS, teach hygiene, good sanitation practices etc. WOMEN ENPOWERMENT: SAVOG volunteers help to train local women especially young women ,teenage parent and widows to have their own skills trade in batik making, dress making(sewing), basketry and bakery to serve as income ventures to sustain their lives and improve their standard of living. ENVIRONMENT AND AGRICULTURE; SAVOG encourages the preservation of the natural environment hence volunteers will educate and assist in tree planting exercise and also assist in the domestication of bush animals in order to preserve the environment as bush burning has often been associated with the trapping of animals .And also supporting farmers with inputs to enhance their production. DONATIONS; SAVOG solicit support from volunteers in form of cash or kind on any of our projects. Kind donations like used and new computers, used cloths, sport kits, stationeries and other relevant materials are welcomed to support our disadvantaged friends e.g. disabled, street, children, schools, deprived communities etc. SUMMER CAMP: SAVOG volunteers are placed on community initiative projects such as building of school blocks, clinics, libraries, community centre etc. Volunteers provide free labour and technical expertise on the construction projects. ENTERTAINMENT AND WEEK ENDA TOUR: Aside the stated areas, SAVOG organize visits for volunteers to interesting sites in the Region of operation. This is done to refresh volunteers after a long working period on any of the above mentioned projects. SAVOG volunteers who will not be personally available to participate in any of the programs can donate freely and SAVOG would send a report and a certificate of recognition of the items donated. In all the activities of SAVOG both national and international volunteers are placed in the community where the project is been carried out and a certificate of recognition is awarded at the end of the project. All SAVOG project are carried throughout the year except Volunteerism which is carried out during Summer Time thus first week in june to early september. A token fee of $ 650 or â ¬ 600 is charged every volunteer who participate in any of our project for a month. The break down is as follows: TRANSPORTATION $ 100 ACCODATION $ 200 FEEDING $ 300 REGISTRATION $ 50 TOTAL $ 650 or Transportation â ¬ 100 Accommodation â ¬ 200 Feeding â ¬ 250 Registration â ¬ 50 Total â ¬ 600 FOR CONTACT INFORMATION: Any interested volunteer who would like to volunteer on our project should email us or write to our country office address for more clarification on our projects. Sokpoli Francis (Project Coordinator) POST OFFICE BOX TN 1600 TESHIE-NUNGUA ESTATE ACCRA, GHANA WEST AFRICA. Email:savog3@yahoo.com +233-244-983339


Social advancement volunteers of Ghana(SAVOG)is a non-governmental organization, non-partisan and a non- profit making organization working to assist in the improvement of the lot of the vulnerable and deprive in society. SAVOG have developed into an organization whose mission is to assist deprived and very poor communities across the length and breath of Ghana starting from the northern part of the Volta region of Ghana by inculcating self-help initiatives through active community participation education, health,agriculture,environment,empowering of women through micro-enterprise, donation, promoting cultural diversity, site seeing and volunteerism SAVOG is based in Accra the capital city of Ghana but currently operating in the northern part of the Volta region of Ghana precisely Jasikan,Kadjebi and Nkwanta Districts. SAVOG Membership is open to all interested volunteers irrespective of gender, age, religion, ethnic group and nationality. The organization fulfills its objective with a kind contribution from its loyal members, benevolent organization, philanthropist, individual volunteers and other sister non governmental organizations.

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