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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

To expertly facilitate and manage gifts of giving by athletes, entertainers and major donors in the communities where they live and work, supporting charities dear to their hearts.

Vision Statement

For the athlete and entertainer: Crafting and nurturing a mutually beneficial union with their most cherished charitable causes, while assuring their form of giving is expertly facilitated and supervised to the utmost of its potential and intention.

For the beneficiary: Creating exceptional opportunities and relationships with athletes and entertainers, that they normally would not be privy to otherwise, in order to enhance the organization’s awareness and increase its revenue

For the board of directors, advisory board, and volunteers: Providing a network where they can be surrounded by the most influential people while assisting them and their charities of choice, and seeing the fruits of their labor enhancing charities across the United States.


What we do

Enhanced by the athletes’ and entertainers’ circles of influence and facilitated by a devoted board of directors, our strength and network of resources will benefit, by way of the forms-of-giving activities below, selected organizations who are struggling for sustenance but whose missions are worthy of support.

How we do it

Athletes & Entertainers - Circle of Influence is formed exclusively for charitable purposes. In conjunction with professional athletes and entertainers, our activities will include but will not be limited to:

  • conducting special events
  • organizing celebrity appearances
  • coordinating athlete-sponsored youth camps
  • coordinating funding initiatives
  • assisting with athletes / entertainers serving as volunteers, mentors and speakers

Customized event planning, record-keeping and contribution/data management, marketing, and public relations, as it relates to the benefiting charity, will assist the athlete and entertainer make an impact on the mission of their charity of choice. Effective forms of giving are based on the needs of the prospective beneficiary, i.e., what does the charity need from the athlete or entertainer? What will provide them with the most benefit and be a suitable match for the athlete or entertainer?

Who is "WE"

Activities will be conducted by the board of directors, the athletes and entertainers and by a selected group of volunteers supporting the organization.

Teaming up with athletes, entertainers, agents, teams, and industry professionals, we will expertly administer the vehicle in which an athlete and / or entertainer will provide their gift of giving to their community.

How we support the Benefactors

With a specialized field of industry professionals in the financial, legal, sports and entertainment arenas, we will recommend and then manage charitable giving options to athletes and entertainers ensuring that their chosen form of contribution is facilitated from start to finish and the results are exactly what they had intended.

With regards to the benefiting charity an athlete or entertainer has chosen to support, we will assist the athletes and entertainers via hired professionals, in association with the athletes’ and /or entertainers’ managers and agents, and will provide an expertly managed, fully functional and mutually beneficial charitable-giving conduit.



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