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Mission Statement

The Center for Inquiry-Tampa Bay is an educational nonprofit charitable organization that explores and advances critical thinking, freedom of inquiry, and humanist values through education, outreach, and social services. CFI is explicitly a secular humanist and "skeptics" organization. Our Web site fills in the details.


CFI is an active, growing community of secular humanist families. We have socials, a sobriety support group, outreach, and public education opportunites. Members are or have been active in civic affairs and education.

Some of our affiliates are:
Committee for Scientific Investigation encourages the critical investigation of paranormal and fringe-science claims from a responsible, scientific point of view and disseminates factual information about the results of such inquiries to the scientific community and the public. Our local affiliate is the famous Tampa Bay Skeptics.

The Council for Secular Humanism is North America's leading organization for non-religious people. A not-for-profit educational association, the Council supports a wide range of activities to meet the needs of people who find meaning and value in life without looking to a god. Its activities range from magazine publishing to campaigning on ethical issues, from conferences to support networks, from educational courses to conducting secular ceremonies, from local groups to international development. Officers of the Council for Secular Humanism include Paul Kurtz, the "Father of Modern Humanism".

African Americans for Secularism is the leading organization combating superstitution and ignornace in both Africa and the USA.

Tampa Bay Skeptics, since 1988, famed for investigating claims of paranormal events and talents, and offering a cash prize for proof of paranormal abilities.

Other affiliates work to expose and correct failings in the medical and psychiatric communities.

SHARE is our official charity/relief organization. It is designed to convey 100% of donations to local relief efforts.



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