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Mission Statement

Ray’s mission is to tell his story of the mistakes he made by not addressing a concussion properly and the consequences he suffered as a result. If a concussion is treated properly, no athlete should have to endure the life-altering ramifications Ray faces today. Student athletes need to be honest about any symptoms with coaching staff and trainers and not hide a concussion with the thoughts of playing through it. Ray hopes, through his talks, that student athletes will understand the importance of addressing a concussion correctly and promptly. He encourages student athletes to be honest with symptoms and advocates following school or sport program protocols and doctor’s orders to ensure a safe return to play.

He was a well-behaved honor student until his junior year of high school. He suffered a concussion, ignored the symptoms and unfortunately received another concussion one week later; it came before the initial symptoms cleared up. That’s when his world changed and he began failing school courses. He started sleeping excessively, was unable to concentrate, saw changes in his behavior and felt like he was in a "fog". Through his story, he emphasizes how important it was to address the first concussion properly and he would have never had the other complications he suffers today. This is avoidable and education is the key. When student athletes see if first hand from someone who has suffered the consequences, it resonates. He wants every student athlete to reach their full potential and enjoy a good quality of life.


Ray travels to schools and organizations telling his story and emphasizing to the audience the importance of not hiding a concussion and the need to get treatment immediately.



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