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Mission Statement

Our 5 target battleground states have a combined, 18-35-year-old voting population of over 9 million. With tried and true field techniques (e.g. door-to-door) and non-traditional voter contact methods (e.g. issue-based teach-ins and voter guides), the goal is to increase new voters by at least 3%, enough to have swung the close presidential election in 2000. In addition to increasing the number of young progressive voters, the sustainable, long term goal is to create a New Voter Model that is a hybrid of community organizing/nontraditional mobilization techniques and traditional campaign/conventional Get-Out-the-Vote field techniques. Both techniques have been proven to increase turnout among young voters and now, for the first time, they will work in tandem to make young voters the decisive piece of the progressive electorate. The young people that pioneered successful models aimed at young voters are national staff members of the Alliance. The New Voter Model is critical because traditional field techniques on their own have failed to address the anti-voting culture among young people. The New Voter Model will incorporate multiple peer-to-peer contacts, use a local face and a local message, and bring a sense of national momentum and connect voting to the issues that young people care about. The New Voter Model encourages niche groups to participate in electoral politics, and at the same time empowers them to reach their constituency in ways that honor their individuality and strengthens their role in their communities for long-term sustainability. A team of evaluators will measure the impact of the 2004 Alliance voter contact program and the final report will provide the basis for the New Voter Model. The final report will be available to all donors and partners of the Alliance and will be showcased in a collaborative and interactive dialogue session in 2005.


A historic, groundbreaking alliance has joined the election fight this year. For the first time in youth electoral politics, activist, social justice, cultural and traditional party line organizations have come together to form the Young Voter Alliance. The Alliance is creating a strategic voter contact program with the goal of measurably increasing the number of 18-35-year-old progressive voters in 5 key states: Florida, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Our mission in 2004 is to make young voters the swing voters needed to elect progressives up and down the ticket in our target states. The five founding organizations that form the Alliance are: MoveOn Student Action Fund, League of Independent Voters, League of Hip-Hop Voters, National Stonewall Democrats and Young Democrats of America. The Alliance represents over 450,000 young people in the United States. Heading into the November 2004 election, this number will grow to over 1 million young people who are willing to participate in shared programs, respond to calls of action and most importantly, organize everyone they know to vote on Election Day.



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