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Mission Statement


The Single Supply Channel - Logistics Resource Mission

The Project 76 -- An American Affair, Inc. mission is to underwrite, design, develop, operate and maintain a new "Global Charitable-Inventory Supply-Channel and Business-Integrated Logistics Resource" that can offer - to qualified non-profit organizations, relief groups and depressed area redevelopment initiatives - one-stop access to almost any item of inventory produced by an American manufacturer, free of charge.

Including FREE, just-in-time DELIVERY (foreign or domestic) of US Tax Code, Section 170(e)(3), "special rule" inventory ordered from dedicated on-line manufacturer catalogs or for immediate PICKUP from the shelves of select local wholesale and retail outlets.

Additionally, the Project 76 mission is to supply supplemental staff, training, transportation and technical support to relief groups and operating charities (like our ownNew Orleans operating unit) that will serve children, the sick or the needy.

Also without charge, for groups serving distressed communities in the aftermath of extreme poverty and prolonged famine, or that operate in the midst of distressed war, occupation or resistance, or that assist in medical emergencies, natural disasters or man-made catastrophes, or that are engaged in orphan rescue or caring for traumatized refugees.

The Finance Affiliate's Capital Markets Mission:

In addition to underwriting the design, development and the initial decade of operating expenses for this mission's new logistics resources and infrastructure, the Project 76 finance affiliate's capital markets model is breaking new ground in non-profit-sector corporate-finance for charitable fund-raising.

Including, backing certain third-party debt offerings of charity joint-venture partners and - with securities issued by Project 76 - funding dollars, nine-figures plus, unencumbered endowments and trusts invested in U.S. Treasury portfolio securities, exclusively (to support relief and redevelopment efforts.

CEO Comments On The Project 76 Mission:

"While developing and issuing a new, not-for-profit-sector, capital markets currency on the scale accomplished by Project 76 was very difficult, time-consuming and something of a miracle, today's challenge for global non profits is, where possible to BUILD ON the WAL-MART business and logistics models for meeting our own requirements, and to encourage others along the good corporate citizenship path evidenced by Wal-Mart during our Nation's 'Katrina' debacle.

Project 76, for one, hopes to EMULATE Wal-Mart's integrated-systems miracle in the developing country markets where there are no WAL-MART like institutions, and to learn from and work WITH the Wal-Marts of the world in markets where they already exist. i.e., whenever that can be accomplished in a mutually beneficial context for non-profits and business.

Accordingly, while we are endeavoring to join Wal-Mart like systems-integration and "economies of scale" principles with Project 76's unique and virtually unlimited access to our Nation's capital markets, we will not consider our mission on a sustainable footing until, like Wal-Mart, we are leveraging our cost to plug the gaps in our sector's global, logistics infrastructure and are consistently moving measurable resources from manufacturers to those whose lives depend on them.



The Project 76 Operating Unit, Program Model (Prototype) for Supporting Non-Profit Sector, Charitable and Distressed Area Redevelopment Initiatives, National and International:

Strictly, by way of example, our most recent operating-unit field model makesenabling the American people to support and operate charitable and depressed area redevelopment initiatives in Katrina ravaged New Orleans, Louisiana, "An American Affair" for Project 76.

That is, facilitating American donations of Tax Code Section 170(e)(3), special rule, inventory and equipment to support the locally determined recovery and rebuilding priorities of the people of New Orleans.

Project 76 role will be:

  • Identifying and bridging the gaps in New Orleans', existing, non-profit-sector, logistics infrastructure;
  • Integrating existing New Orleans, non-profit sector logistics infrastructure with that of the for-profit sector (where business sector logistics infrastructure already exists);
  • Dramatically increasing the scale of resources available to New Orleans' non-profit sector;
  • Underwriting logistics, distribution and training expenses for New Orleans' non-profit-sector that are not currently covered by the Federal income-tax deduction available to American manufacturers, under Tax Code Section 170's, special rule provision;
  • Streamlining the entire inventory and equipage request, donation and just-in-time delivery process for participating American manufacturers; and
  • Launching, administering, developing and partnering with local, national and international charitable, economic redevelopment and other initiatives, in order to guarantee sufficient new, long-term demand for inventory and equipage donations that utilize Project 76's new, "Inventory-Intermediary Operating Model," and that create and sustain the "economies of scale" necessary in order for business sector/non-profit sector collaborations to benefit the "bottom lines" of participating manufacturers.

The Project 76 Fundraising "Event" Model

To date, the exclusive fundraising "event" model utilized by Project 76 is "charity golf."

For example: Our second "It's A Golf Thing" effort, in as many years, will help finance a Washington, D.C., National Memorial on the Mall for the late, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

And will feature male and female golf professionals; male and female movie stars; TV and radio hosts; famous public speakers; motion-picture directors and producers; musicians; models; kid stars; authors; male and female athletes; and public school teachers.

i.e., The 1st Annual MLK-ROSA PARKS Golf Extravaganza and Celebrity Invitationalis a "Tour Challenge Season" series of events, featuring 10, "Made for TV," charity golf tournaments and related fundraising activities.

It will take place over a 6 week period and culminate every year in 8 consecutive days of PGA and LPGA championship golf. Also, it boasts the Richest Purse in golf, the Richest 1st Prize in golf, and the 1st ever Pay-Equity cash prizes for male and female TOUR champions competing in separate PGA and LPGA tournaments at the same venue.

To See Golf Extravaganza and Celebrity Invitational Booklet Click Project76.org

The Inventory Intermediary Operating Model

While Project 76 recognizes that the American manufacturers and innovative Wal-Marts of the world (from whom it must seek cooperation) have shareholders and are not charities, these groups are nonetheless critical to our logistics resource being able to efficiently identify, organize, catalog and deliver available resources in time to save the lives that depend on them.

For that reason, Project 76 has developed a new inventory-intermediary operating model for Tax Code, Section 170(e)(3) inventory, and has invited the Executive Office of the President to alert the Department of the Treasury and the IRS, Office of the Chief Counsel (which was done as of September 28, 2005) to the fact that Project 76 will request IRS guidance, in connection with that new model, for all American manufacturers and operating charities.

Additionally, officers at the highest levels in the offices of the National Association of Manufacturers, are equally aware in this connection.

And, for the record, prior to that IRS, Office of Chief Counsel, Project 76 will consult the Wal-Marts of the world, as well as survey American manufactures and other stakeholders for their views, experience, suggestions and operating preferences.

Also, we will endeavor to make the case for the fact, in Project 76's opinion, that the new, non-profit-sector, supply channel, given sufficient scale, will have a measurable favorable impact on the global competitiveness of the our economy because it will:

Seed new markets abroad with American products;

Preserve manufacturing jobs at home;

Help manufacturers, processors, distributors, warehouse clubs and retailers leverage their existing costs;

Enable American companies to satisfy taxes payable on profits with product;

Overcome the other obstacles that have kept US Tax Code Section 170(e)(3) - as amended by the Jobs Creation Act of 2004 - from reaching what is its true potential; and because it will in the critical decade ahead,

Broaden the association of the American people with the good being done, wherever good is being done, anywhere in the world.



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It seems that we have a common interest. Savethenationnow.org, is a nonprofit with a Buy American Made theme. How can we learn more about Project 76? Please call me: Lauren Olejniczak 715 551 1816 or Email hekjjo@aol.com Thank you Lauren