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Mission Statement

The mission of The Peoples Channel is to provide the means and to promote the opportunity for area citizens to create local cable television programming by, for, or about our local community, based on the principles of free speech, diversity of expression, and democratic participation.


For a democratic society to function properly, citizens must participate in their government, be educated to think critically and be able to freely communicate their ideas.The Peoples Channel's mission is to advance democratic ideals by ensuring that people have access to electronic media and by promoting effective communication through community uses of media. Through this mission, we aim to provide the means and promote the opportunity for area citizens to exercise free speech through media production, education and distribution of cable television programming.

The primary goal of The Peoples Channel is to promote use of the designated access channel(s) by coordinating the use of the public access channel(s) and providing production facilities, and to provide technical assistance and media training to any individual, group, or organization interested in producing cultural, informational, entertainment, or educational media productions of interest to the community.

The Peoples Channel will provide Chapel Hill and the surrounding area residents, organizations, agencies and institutions with media training, equipment, production and related services on a first-come, first-served First Amendment basis. Our policies are designed to ensure maximum convenience and fairness for all in the community. Since we want public access and community media facilities to be available to the whole community, we welcome your suggestions on how we may improve these policies. All suggestions received will be reviewed by the Board of Directors.



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